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When starting out, a lot of people don’t know what they need if they don’t already have it. Sometimes extra skills are necessary and sometimes people like you can find that in Coding Schools! Coding Schools are programs offering a select amount of benefits for those in the technological field and those interested in different software, programming, data, etc. If you’re searching for coding schools in or around Barcelona, look no further and find a short sweet summary here!

Le Wagon
A 9-week program focusing on Ruby on Rails Web application and software for database based out of Paris and Barcelona but has various locations.

You can attend this bootcamp for a 9-week part-time or a 24-week full-time session with the benefit of working on Web Development and UX/UI design. They have location in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Mexico City, and Miami.

Data Science Dojo
This program is a Data Science Provider based out of Redmond, WA, but has location in Barcelona and New York.

Barcelona Code School
A 9-week bootcamp with specificity in a Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp available in Barcelona, other parts of Spain, and even online.

World Tech Makers
Is a 12-week Digital Education Program with focus in Ruby on Rails, Mobile Apps, Entrepreneurs, and more. It is a program based in Latin America that offers online options in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Skylab Coders Academy
A 12-week with the benefit of a JavaScript web developer bootcamp located in Barcelona and Aspin.

Ubiqum Code Academy
This is a longer 4-5 month bootcamp looking to concentrate on Data Analytics and Java Coding in Barcelona and Berlin.

Sounding like the name, this is a coding bootcamp that spans over 12-weeks in Barcelona.

This is a short but intensive 5-day/8-hours a day IOS training boot camp based in San Francisco with locations in Los Angeles and Barcelona. It consists of a premier mobile app development team founded by ex-Apple engineers that specializes in rapidly advancing enterprises through modern mobile technology.

A 12-week program with a Full- Stack Coding Bootcamp located in *you guessed it* Barcelona.

Talent Garden Innovation School
Also known as TAG Innovation School provides a training program with a duration of 12 weeks and a focus on Web development and UX design based in Milan, Italy.

27 diciembre 2017

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