Marketing Strategies for Coworking

Do you need to reach out to your surrounding community more? What are the best ways to be sure you are creating a positive atmosphere? Is there a way to let others know how great your coworking space really is? It is important to promote and deliver value within and outside of your space. You want to be sure that your space is represented! If this is something you might need, find some pretty useful strategies below.

As our world expands continuously in the technology sector, it might be best to start with what marketing could be done online.

1. A live chat is something to think about. Convenience is everyone’s preference and if one can get to an answer faster, they will. Providing a live chat offers visitors the chance to get any more information they might need directly.

2. Get to know your members online. A way of doing this would be through support or encouragement by acknowledging compliments and intriguing content.

3. Use Google Adwords Display. With Google features like this, you can see who is visiting your coworking site, exactly what specific content on the site, create your own ad and with association of emails google can present your ad to those account holders on its display network.

4. Of course, your own media promotion. It’s recommended that you don’t have too many media pages for concern that you might miss mastering your message and instead spread yourself thin. Potential members may look for you on social media accounts and base their decisions on this. If a decision was being made based on the last three posts of your website or social media account, what message would the prospect client get?

Next, it is always important to keep the community a connected and positive one within a coworking space. Usually this is through the environment that the community builder creates.

1. A good way to build community and to build on relationships is by promoting members. One way to do this would be through member profiles in which you’d be able to acknowledge who they are and a success they might have worth sharing.

2. Staying connected to past members could be useful. If you had a good relationship with a past member, that leaves the door open for that member to come back and reuse your space and for alumni members to recommend your space.

3. An important strategy, is by getting some “know how” into your space. This includes inviting influential speakers for talk and Q&A and therefore, potential inspiration as well.

4. If you don’t have a community builder, you definitely need one. If you do have one, then this is another strategy to consider; training and retaining your community builder. This would mean a community builder can help with any implemented community software, or provide recommendations for things in the neighborhood. This also means they are able to introduce members and possibly a brief mention of what that member does.

5. And we can’t forget email. Making sure you have everyone’s contact is important. As email is often the communication gateway with a member, it also provides the opportunity for general information and newsletters, as well as reconnecting with lost leads.

Finally, coworking itself. What are general ways one can make sure the space is fulfilling all its values and goals? That it’s moving forward as a community?

1. One thing that could possibly improve a space is the implementation of community software. Software could be a community element to your space allowing interaction between members.

2. Partnering up is another useful marketing strategy. It means connecting with local authorities. Those of who, many run enterprise programs that aid start-ups and small business and can recommend you. Take an interest in local networking events so as to meet others looking to grow their projects and business.

3. All coworking spaces should include spaces for downtime or passing time. This creates the opportunity for members to interact. For example, having a coffee station area, or an area where multiple people can sit and relax is good for socialization in the least.

4. Members are not often familiar with what the neighborhood or city has to offer. Highlighting local attractions and commonplaces can be helpful for many reasons. Pinpointing these places could help members feel like they belong. Further, it helps for you to tag your event locations on any media.

31 enero 2018

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