Meet Mathias, our tagger from Copenhagen

Meet Mathias Lundø Nielsen, our tagger originally from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mathias is currently at Talent Garden Barcelona to pursue his latest project called It’s a hotel booking platform that uses big data and algorithms to specifically match guests with luxury hotels. As a visitor, you simply tell where you want to go and what kind of vacation you are looking for. Their algorithm then rates you based on your profile, interests, and past hotel expenditure to match you with a hotel that is interested in your specific guest profile. This platform allows luxury hotels to offer specific offers to individual guests at a discounted rate, making it the most cost-efficient for both parties. Mathias is really passionate about this “next-gen” hotel booking venture and strives to get his members the best rates possible using intelligent methods. If you’re on the search for a luxury hotel we definitely recommend you check out and support our talented member.

Mathias is 26 years old and currently living in Dubai. He has been an entrepreneur his whole life, previously working in fashion until he sold his company. Mathias came to Barcelona to be in the “Miami of Europe” and enjoy the beautiful city and weather. He chose to work at Talent Garden because of its modern atmosphere and international network that allows him to visit other campuses when he travels.

He hopes to eventually move to the United States and live in New York or San Francisco, while running the company towards IPO. He really likes electronic music and his favorite spot in the city is OneOcean Club, great for cocktails, dinners, or meetings.

Get to know him better in this video!

4 agosto 2015

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