Perks of Coworking

Coworking is gaining popularity in Barcelona and around the world. According to the Global Coworking Survey, around half a million people work in coworking spaces and there are almost 8,000 spaces globally. If you haven’t looked into coworking, you should! Below are a few reasons to jump on board!

Increased Networking and Collaboration 

Coworking gives you the perfect environment to work with others. Do you have an idea but you aren’t sure how to implement it? Do you want to expand your business but don’t have all the knowledge? Coworking can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. By having people of different backgrounds and companies in a shared space, you have access to a lot more insight.

Working at your own speed 

Coworking gives you the opportunity to create and innovate in your own space. You can separate yourself from the monotony of work in a traditional office and use the open space of coworking to think outside of the box.

Cost Effective

Being a part of a coworking space is good for your wallet too! Depending on the space, you could have free food as well as other perks such as massages and various rooms to relax. But, even at its most basic, you’ll get wifi and a place to work. Many of the coworking spaces in Barcelona have beautiful designs and open floor plans. Take the time to see which coworking space works best for you!

Work in A Professional Environment

Although working from home has its perks, it is good to get out of those pajamas and off that couch, and work with others who are motivated and professional. A coworking space provides you with that opportunity. Having a space to work in that is clean, well-designed, and not your home can improve your business prospects and your work in general.


Coworking spaces are generally more positive places to work. Research in the United States (Wix and Officevibe) has shown that in coworking spaces 70% of people felt healthier, 68% of people have better focus on tasks, and 92% are more satisfied with their workplace. Working in a positive environment means that your work will be more constructive as well!

10 agosto 2017

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