Prospering in Coworking

It seems as though there is something great about the concept of coworking. Like a secret ingredient that makes a recipe way better than it originally was.

So what is it? Why is coworking a special type of profession? Well let’s see the benefits…

1. One benefit of coworking can summed up into ‘meaning’. Members in coworking spaces feel as though their work has value and as though others see it as valuable. Coworking spaces are filled with different companies, working on different projects. While coworking spaces may specialize in one area or another, there still is an existing diversity. If there is a range of skill, there is opportunity to share; making some work seem more interesting or necessary. A range of different members means that one does not need to change themselves greatly to match the environment. They do not need to fit in, and there is less direct competition that they would need to alter for.

2. Another two that mend together are autonomy and flexibility. Coworking means being your own boss but still having a community. No isolation but also calling the shots is a win-win. As a member, one gets to choose how much they want to be involved. Being a member of a coworking space also means having more control. Many coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day or at least 10-12 hours a day, allowing you to stay longer if you have a little extra work to do. Therefore, coworking can make life that much easier for some people. Take for example, if you need time in your day to go to the gym – you can leave work early to do so. If you want to meet a friend or potential business partner for lunch, you can take that longer break. If a family member is in need, you could even use the day to work from home. If you stayed up a little late but know you could be more productive later in the day, then you can show up later and get the same amount of work done. Ultimately, this benefit is a big one. You set your schedule, you decide who to eat lunch with, you involve yourself in opportunities as much as you desire to.

3. Both of the mentioned above leads us to this next benefit of community. Working from home is a great idea until it’s not. People choose coworking over renting out spaces or working from home specifically because of the chance of having a community. Those who work within typically know each other on a more personal level, and the community builder of a space often helps in facilitating relationships among coworkers and partners. Additionally, it is common knowledge that too much autonomy and too much flexibility can lead to lack of motivation for some peopleEnvironment is important and with an environment full of people working towards their goals, it will be hard to feel like you shouldn’t be working on yours too! Further, coworking spaces often produce their own personalities. Based on values and resources of that space, one can feel as though they belong and are a part of the contribution. No social aspect of a coworking space is forced and members get to choose their level of interaction, further influencing what a community might mean and look like to them.

4. Hinted at in some of the benefits above, resourceful is the next benefit. As mentioned, a range of workers means a range of influence and skills to share. Additionally, one thing that makes coworking spaces function well is their opportunity for events. Depending on the space and if they have any specialties, there is opportunity to hear influencing stories, to participate in a coding lessons, to be a part of a smaller group of people looking to plan out their successes, etc. Networking is often also a key factor in any occasion. Additionally, because coworking can also be an alternative place to work for those who belong to bigger companies, many incorporate coworking into their business strategy. Where there is potential to meet people or gain a new quality, there is potential for a members growth.

5. The last benefit that we’ll mention here is accessibility. While this may seem more simple than the others, it is nonetheless just as important. Dependent on what a member is looking for, a space to eat, to work independently, to hold meetings, to get ideas flowing, or to work in a group is essential. A space located close to a daycare, cafes, downtown, the gym, or main lines of transportation can also be a plus. With coworking spaces, these are often held in consideration and so both the creation of internal spaces, and the physical location of a coworking entity is made convenient for a member.

20 diciembre 2017

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