Visiting Dali Museum

Our Interns are out and about once again. The past weekend they headed to Figueres to check out the famous Salvador Dali Museum. Just an hour and a half outside of Barcelona, Sophie, Rem and Demetri explored the works of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Salvador Dali’s work spanned all different mediums, from sculptures to oil paintings, to drawings and film.

Dali, along with fellow Spanish artist Pablo Picasso led many of the artistics movements that occurred during the 1900’s, most notably the Surrealist movement. Their collaborative work has been on display this past month at the Museu Picasso, with the exhibit ending at the end of June. Some of Dali’s best work was portrayed at the museum, but Sophie says her favorite piece was the Face of Mae West, which uses various sculptures placed in a large room to create a face when looked at from the correct angle. Demetri was torn between the Aliyah exhibition on the top floor of the museum and the Poetry of America painting.

Our interns picked up a few souvenirs and gifts before heading back to Talent Garden this week. The great museums and world renowned artists are just one of the few reasons people like our Interns chose to come to Barcelona.

We here at TAG can’t wait to see where Demetri, Sophie and Rem head to next.

18 agosto 2015

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