Data and AI Taking The Wheel

Data and AI Taking The Wheel


octubre 22


09:00 am - 10:30 am

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The Camp - Powered by Talent Garden - Copenhagen

A Skills Lab on the Future of Mobility.

Twice during the Vertical Track series, we’ll host sessions for smaller groups of participants, where we dive deep into specific areas identified to have special importance for Tryg’s focus and work with Mobility.

The skills labs are facilitated by Talent Garden’s Innovation School together with experts, innovators and startups specially invited to share their insights, knowledge and practical experiences with us.

Looking for the future of Mobility – Data and AI taking the wheel

Data is the “oil of the future”. But as oil pumped up from the ground, data has little value without being processed the right way. With the enormous amounts of data generated from sensors and smartphones comes the opportunity for applying Machine learning and AI to generate unique customer insights and develop new product offerings.

We will dive into what the possibilities are today, have the discussion on what is not only possible but what are the ethical implications and to what points the future of mobility data and AI?


Anna Cappi, PhD, Learning Manager at Talent Garden Innovation School


Gry Hasselbalch, Co-founder of

Gry Hasselbalch is a leading expert in responsible digital innovation and technological transformation. She is one of the female founders of the thinkdotank established in 2015, a member of the European Commission’s  High-Level Group on AI that created Europe’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI and is author of the influential book Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage (Hasselbalch & Tranberg, 2016). Gry is a PhD fellow at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Copenhagen, and is leading’s research and evidence base.

Gry will use her many years of experience to help in understanding why data ethics is important and guide us through some of the crucial considerations you as a company working with data and AI have to make so you, on one hand, don’t get paralyzed and on the other build solutions that are ethically sustainable.

Christian Bering, CEO, Holo

Christian is CEO at Holo who is operating pilot projects with autonomous vehicles and drones. Holo is the largest AV operator in the Nordics and the Baltics with more than 30,000 kms on the road and everything from handling applications, training of staff, implementation and supervision of the projects.

Christian will give us a “look under the hood” in an autonomous vehicle and take us through the thoughts, challenges and journey ahead of Holo building and scaling an autonomous vehicle venture.

Petri Martikainen, Co-founder, MOPRIM

Petri is co-founder of MOPRIM develops proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms for advanced movement recognition of people, vehicles and their mobility in smart cities. MOPRIM’s data-as-a-service solution is especially suitable for gathering and analyzing any movement related data using smartphones. Petri is also engaged in several other startups and ventures as chairman of the board or advisor.

Petri will help us understand how MOPRIM is gathering and working with mobility data so they can develop AI models that help us understand urban mobility behaviour and enables the development of smarter cities and better mobility services.

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