Fireside Chat: Fabrizio Villani Co-Founder & Head of Growth at Fintastico

From CodeMaster Bootcamp to National Top Fintech Influencers & Finalist for the Insurtech IoT Leader Award. Let’s Talk.

Explore the many possible roads to follow after the CodeMaster Bootcamp with Top Fintech Influencers Fabrizio Villani, Co-Founder & Head of Growth at Fintastico.

After graduating from Talent Garden Innovation School in 2016, CodeMaster Bootcamp alumnus Fabrizio Villani has consolidated a strong, international and innovative career in the world of technology and entrepreneurship. Just one year after being at Talent Garden, Fabrizio was nominated one of the Top Fintech influencers in Italy and a Finalist of the Insurtech IoT Leader Award.

During this fireside chat, you will find out more about the outstanding career of Fabrizio, and explore possible roads to follow after the CodeMaster Bootcamp. Understand the role of software development in business and entrepreneurship and get inspired!


06:00 – 06:10 PM | Introduction to Talent Garden

06:10 – 06:50 PM | Fireside Chat

06:50 – 07:00 PM | Q&A

Meet Fabrizio Villani

Nominated as one of the Top FinTech Influencers in Italy, Fabrizio Villani is an Entrepreneur with a strong international background, having developed his career in Italy, Austria, Netherlands, and Spain, where he currently lives. Since 2017 he is the Co-Founder & Head of Growth at Fintastico, the first Italian portal dedicated to innovative financial services. Fabrizio is also an experienced lecturer in different fields connected to technology such as Fintech, Blockchain, or Cryptocurrencies. In 2021 he launched the book “Fintech Expert” with Professor Giancarlo Giudici, in which he explores the digital revolution the financial sector is going through.

CodeMaster Bootcamp

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