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One of the things we love about Barcelona is how the city embraces different cultures and diverse people and absorbs them into its own Catalan identity. This integration really comes through in it’s food. Barcelona has everything – from classic paella and tapas to argentinean empanadas, japanese noodles, italian pastas, greek gyros and so much more. Even though the food scene can get pretty pricy, that shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of this cool aspect of the city. We’ve found the cheaper places to be very hit or miss so here are a few of our favorites, that we were lucky to run into!

  1. Tucco real food

This small Argentinian/Italian place in Barceloneta is really special. They make fresh, homemade pastas and empanadas and the servers are so nice and friendly. You can get a delicious empanada, plate of pasta, bread, beer or wine, and your choice of dessert for only 9 euros so make sure to show up hungry.

  1. Madre Lievito

Madre Lievito is a little pizza place near Bogatell that serves authentic and enormous italian pizzas for only 5-9 euros each– so cheap but some of the best pizza you will ever have! The place gets pretty busy to make sure to get there as early as you can to get a table.

  1. Rekons

This argentinean place has the best empanadas – even better than Tucco (which I love for the pastas). They have a bunch of deals but our favorite is a huge, delicious salad with two empanadas of your choice and a drink for 10 euros. Ask the servers what their favorite empanadas are.

  1. Dionisos

The place a little ways off Las Ramblas has huge gyros packed with flavor for 3 to 4 euros. You have to go to the little to-go place though– there’s a sit down version across the square that is much more expensive.

1 octubre 2015

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