Catch a Movie With Your Coworkers at Montjuic Castle

Summer is in full swing here in Barcelona and what better way to spend a Barcelona night then on top of a castle with some friends watching a movie. The Sala Montjuic Open Air Film festival began July 3rd with the Spanish Film 10,000K, and goes through August 7th with a surprise film showing. Travel up to the top of Montjuic any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday to catch a film and a live concert. Our summer interns here at TAG made their way to Castell de Montjuic on Wednesday the 8th for a viewing of the Academy Award winning film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson. The show opened up with an Oriental Jazz band, followed by Todo Un Futuro Juntos, a short film directed by Pablo Remon. As night fell, our interns laid back with some great food, drinks and friends to watch the film.

Intern Demetri said “One time was definitely not enough, I’ll definitely have to come out to a few more of the movies before we leave back home,” as he reminisced on the beautiful Barcelona night. Mix the live music with movie and one of the best views of the city, and you have an unforgettable night. Ventures outside of the workplace, such as going to an outdoor film, or just grabbing a drink together, can act as a great way to build a stronger sense of community with coworkers. We here at Talent Garden are always looking for ways to bring our coworkers together in fun and non-traditional ways.

Be sure to make some time to head out to the castle and have a relaxing night watching a great film on a cool Barcelona night. Come out tonight to see a very special showing of Charlie Chaplin’s first full length film “The Kid” accompanied by a jazz concert by Clara Luna and Andreu Zaragoza. If you can’t make it tonight, keep an eye out for our interns next week Wednesday the 22nd where they’ll be watching The Big Lebowski.

17 julio 2015

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