Enjoying a Flamenco show at Barcelona

While our summer interns are working hard here at Talent Garden Barcelona during the week, they get to spend their weekends exploring the city and absorbing Spanish culture. A couple of weekends ago, Sophie, Demetri, and Rem spent their Saturday evening at Palacio del Flamenco in Provença to watch a show and enjoy a delicious dinner. If you haven’t seen Flamenco its definitely worth checking out.

Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk dance from southern Spain that combines singing, guitar playing, dancing, hand clapping, and finger snapping. Flamenco was influenced by Greek, Roman, Indian, Moorish, and Jewish cultures that merged together to create a really spectacular, unique dance form.

Even though flamenco is not associated with the Catalan region, Palacio del Flamenco is a great way to experience this unique part of Spanish culture. The small venue is conveniently located right across from the metro stop (10 minutes walking from our Barcelona Campus), and caters to both big groups and individuals looking to see the show. Visitors walk in and sit at long tables facing the stage. Immediately servers come in with a delicious meal including rich paella, sangria, bread, and salad. As soon as you’ve finished eating dessert comes out as the lights go dim and the show begins.

The show lasts for about an hour and you get to see a variety of dancers and songs. The dancers tap their feet and dance with quick, strong, and rigid movements as the band plays and singers belt out folk songs behind them. These talented dancers dance with fiery passion and the interns were really impressed with their skill. If you are in town and you’re looking for something to do, follow the intern’s lead and go to Palacio del Flamenco’s website to reserve your tickets!

We’re really lucky to have three adventurous interns here to find experiences here in Barcelona we may have overlooked. Keep reading our blog to find out what else they’ve done and would recommend checking out.

10 agosto 2015

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