Meet Jaume, Here In Barcelona to Bring Drivy to Spain

Meet Jaume Suñol, our coworker arriving from France! Jaume is Drivy’s country manager for Spain, a successful peer-to-peer car rental platform that matches people looking to save money by renting out their car with people in need of a car. Using Drivy is a great way to make a little extra money, rent your neighbors car, or find wheels for a weekend getaway. Drivy is part of a growing trend of collaborative consumption – a really cool economic model that businesses are using to make use of all of our idle and unused goods in order to promote sustainability and an efficient economy. Drivy began in 2010 and is currently active in France and Germany. We are excited to have Jaume here in Barcelona, one of the top cities for supporting peer-to-peer platforms, to launch the company in Spain.

Before taking his job at Drivy only a few months ago, Jaume worked for a company called Friend2Friend that provides social media tools and software to brand marketers looking to increase engagement and community.

He also likes to play soccer and ski. He came to TAG Barcelona because he loved the cool atmosphere and, of course, our dog Laika! We’re lucky to be the only coworking space with a cute, furry CHO (Chief Happiness Officer).

Help Jaume spread the word about Drivy here in Spain!

Watch this video to hear from Jaume.

14 julio 2015

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