Meet Our Talented Barcelona Tagger, Marc Chehab

Meet TAG Barcelona member Marc Chehab, founder of El Contexto. Marc started El Contexto as a network of social scientists who are dedicated to analyzing why news happens and standing up for fact-oriented critical enquiry. He wants to challenge people to argue and question information instead of blindly accepting what we are exposed to in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the truth. Marc is currently working on a larger project that aims to revolutionize web documentaries by combining traditional video with web technology. He is trying to change the weakness of documentaries that allows them to claim whatever they like leaving people overwhelmed with information. For example, he is working on a project that utilizes subtitles with references so as viewers watch they can see sources of data and critically analyze the credibility of the information. He wants to make watching documentaries like reading a book where the viewer has access to all of the information and can verify, challenge, and criticize.

Marc is 28 years old and is from Switzerland. He originally came to Spain three years ago to study international relations and chose Barcelona because he loves the beach and wanted to go to a place where he could play beach volleyball. After school he decided to stay because of how easy it is to have a nice work-life balance here. He loves the city and the beaches of Barcelona but after traveling for several years, he’s planning on returning home to Switzerland soon to be with his family and friends. After working at another office for a while, Marc decided to come to Talent Garden after hearing about our summer offer. Like many of our other members, he was interested in meeting new startups and entrepreneurs and wanted to work in a collaborative environment. We’re happy to have him here at TAG and are excited to see what he can accomplish. Want to hear from the man himself? Check out this video

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7 julio 2015

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