Meet Tagger Tom from Australia

Meet Talent Garden Barcelona member Tom Meier, an iOS developer currently working for a company called Ferocia. Ferocia is working to redevelop an online solution for Bendigo Bank, one of the largest banks in Australia.

Tom, originally from England, is living in Australia. He is really passionate about his work and loves to travel. Tom’s company lets him work remotely so he takes full advantage. He is currently working as a digital nomad, traveling whenever he can and working in coworking spaces like TAG Barcelona. Tom came to Barcelona because he was looking for a change of scenery and the weather is so nice here compared to Australia, where it is currently winter. He found our space online and is really liking it so far. We hope Tom takes full advantage of the Barcelona sun and enjoys his time here!

To hear from Tom himself watch this video! 

23 julio 2015

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