Your Personal Guide to Mobile World Congress 2018

Do you have an interest in learning about the newest developments within the digital and technological industries? Would you like the opportunity to meet influential innovators from across the globe? Do you question the ethical impacts that technological advancements have on society, and how we can better them? Luckily for you, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, is taking place right here in Barcelona from February 26th to March 1st! Below we have outlined a guide to what the MWC is and helpful tips to navigate your way through it.

At its core, the conference inspires and shares with others the latest and greatest developments to all that is digital. Thinking about joining the fun? You should! With around 700 speakers, 2,300 exhibits, and over 108,000 participants, the Mobile World Congress is definitely not an event to miss!

At the conference, you choose how to spend your time. Are you looking to meet others within the tech industry? Spend your time in MWC’s networking lounges and open-air networking gardens with others like you from over 200 countries! Are you eager to participate in some of MCW’s programs? Take part in: Women 4Tech, a program focused on career development and making the world a more gender equal ecosystem; 4YFN, a start-up event hosting demo-days and start-up competitions, and more. Interested in learning valuable information from a unique set of industry leaders? Listen in to one of the 36 keynote speakers, like Kathy Calvin, president and CEO of the United Nations Foundation.

This year the conference has eight major themes for the exhibits and presentations in order to help direct you towards your interests.

  1. Future Services Provider addresses strategies to compete in the future with the added components of 5G, analytics, machine learning, digitization, and consumer engagement. Profit, cost, and MNOs will be taken into consideration.
  2. The Network analyzes and evaluates different opportunities to lower opex and create new business during these times of rapid expansion in network technology. This theme takes it beyond 5G, NFV, SDN, and more.
  3. Tech in Society considers how technology can lead to great advancements society, but reminds us to avoid going down a dangerous path by forgetting the importance of ethics.
  4. Innovation explores products and ideas that create more effective processes with the ability to reach the market.
  5. Content & Media as digital communication continues to evolve, the relationship between the content creators, distributors, and consumers has become more direct, personal, and immersive. This change is extremely difficult to manage. This theme acknowledges VR, content rights, production, acquisitions, partnerships, business models, and delivery networks as items to focus on.
  6. The Digital Consumer furthers the discussion of how consumer interaction is changing. Some topics that will be covered are customer transactions, life-cycles, and experiences. Companies will be able to stand out by enhancing digital trust in order to gain stronger customer retention.
  7. The Fourth Industrial Revolution looks to prepare society, the government, and businesses in how to thrive in a digitally dominated world. To complete this seemingly impossible task, it focuses on technology trends and partnerships, as well as the current and future demands of the government.
  8. Applied AI is currently being endlessly explored due to the enormous potential it holds for society. This theme wants to consider its possibilities and issues in a simpler manner.


These themes will help you both understand more about the conference and customize your visit. MWC Tours will help you meet your goals to attend certain events. A conference this large can seem scary at first, but with a tour you will be guided by experts and form new connections with others in your group! However, if you’d rather tackle the tradeshow alone, the themes can aid in mapping and timing to prioritize your visit.

Arguably one of the most unique aspects of the Mobile World Congress is its initiative toward “Creating a Better Future”. In 2015, MWC launched their UN Sustainable Development Goals platform, a 17-point plan to help “end poverty, fight climate change, and fight injustice and inequality by 2030”. The project displays that the business world and community service can go hand in hand, and they encourage others to follow in their footsteps. To learn more about their goals, you can find them here.

In order to maximize your time in Spain, we, at Talent Garden Barcelona, invite you to spend your days in our coworking space to collaborate with other digital start-ups. Our office is located close to Avinguda Diagonal, a hot-spot for local restaurants and shopping spaces. With an open and communal atmosphere, we promote innovation and productivity. We love having visitors bring new ideas and new personalities to flourish with our own!

19 febrero 2018

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