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Hyper Island Leadership© – Essentials Course

This course will teach you how to work better together with your team by being more effective in reaching your goals.

You’ll get the modern tool belt for culture, collaboration, and leading teams in times of change and complexity.

Hyper Island Leadership© – Essentials Course
Hyper Island Leadership© – Essentials Course Hyper Island Leadership© – Essentials Course icon

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Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

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About the Hyper Island Leadership© - Essentials Course

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

By the time you finish this course you should have acquired the following knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resumé:

  • Evolve the way you work and lead within online, face-to-face, and blended settings.
  • Have the ability to develop and lead teams through various themes such as defining team purpose and culture, cultivating trust and psychological safety, and harnessing team learning and perspectives.
  • Engage with models and theories for effective teamwork in the modern workplace.
  • Apply principles and approaches for understanding team dynamics and creating psychological safety to support leading in uncertainty and change.
  • Design and lead effective meetings and workshops.

The Hyper Island approach is different from a traditional online course. We combine hands-on learning in your workplace with a fast-paced online environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.

Learning kit

You will receive a weekly learning kit consisting of original content and insights to maximize your knowledge. The course content is available for you to go through at any time you choose during the week.

Live sessions

The 2.5 hour online workshops are scheduled on Wednesdays 14:30-17:00 CET and held by the course facilitators. They will dig deeper into the weekly module content and discuss questions and challenges.

Weekly challenges

Every week, there will be hands-on tasks and challenges to solve. They are designed to integrate with your work to build your competence.

Peer learning and perspective
We believe the smartest person in the room IS the room. We find that much of the learning comes through interactions and discussion from your peers on the course. As part of your journey, you will engage with other participants’ insights and share your perspective to create an interactive participatory experience.

Time commitment
Outside of the weekly live sessions, this course is designed to be flexible to your schedule. The time commitment is individual, however you are expected to spend approximately 5-7 hours per week on your learning.

This course is for anyone who leads projects, meetings, activities or teams in a work context. It is for formal and informal leaders alike, with a focus on the traits of leadership that are not constrained to formal managers.

With that said you do not need to be a formal leader/manager to take this course, but it is preferable to actively working with some type of team or teams, in order to apply the challenges. These teams could be formal or informal, co-located or remote, etc. Consultants and freelancers may consider using client/project teams for the practical tasks in the course.


Faculty Member
Mari Leone
Facilitator, Coach & Learning Designer | Hyper Island

With a background in product design, Mari is an experienced learning designer and facilitator within Hyper Island’s Business Transformation team, specialising in the areas of innovation, human-centered design, team culture and creative problem solving. Originally from Brazil and now based in Sweden, Mari is a Hyper Island Design Lead alumna and holds certifications in UGL […]

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Faculty Member
Chris McGee
Course Leader and Facilitator | Hyper Island

Chris has a background in leadership development, having worked with leaders & teams across the world ranging from tech start-ups to finance and business. He has a breadth of experience from London and Washington DC in public affairs, business development and various NGOs which guide his approach to designing values-led, presence-centred and purpose-driven learning experiences.

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Accelerate collaboration and leading teams to their best potential

The structure and function of work has changed more in the last 250 years than in the previous 250,000. Digital technologies, and the ways they influence our personal and work lives, are radically changing the world. No matter what industry you work in, you have, over the past decade, experienced some form of disruption, driven by technology and its influence on human behavior. This course enables you to strengthen you and your team’s capacity to be highly effective, even in this environment of constant change and uncertainty. You will learn to lead teams more effectively and be a better collaborator and colleague, regardless of your role. And you’ll create value for yourself, your team and your company. Master and apply the building blocks of leading teams and get tangible takeaways on all levels; from mindset, mental models and new ways of working, to cases and tools you can apply directly at work.

1 - The Core of Leadership

Leadership starts with you. We begin with trust and psychological safety in order to transform the contexts of which we’re apart.

Your ability to influence the complexities of this world begins with your awareness of what it’s like to be led by you.

The modern fundamentals of team development and the tools and techniques you can apply to foster the conditions for success on a daily basis.

How teams can foster mindsets, cultures, and practices that are optimized for a context of change and uncertainty.

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