Digital Nomads use the world as their office

Coworking spaces began as a solution for a new generation of people looking to challenge their rigid and stress inducing relationship with work and work when, where, and how they want. These offices provide a space for people to come together, collaborate, support each other’s endeavors, while living a flexible lifestyle and coming and going as they please. As coworking evolves, individual spaces are becoming international networks making it possible for people to travel around the world without sacrificing work time. If coworking spaces make vacation coworking possible, why not make it a lifestyle and use the entire world as your office?

With today’s technology it is possible to turn just about anywhere into a coworking space. From the monkey forests of Bali to the beaches of Hawaii, from San Francisco to Berlin and Argentina there are incredible coworking spaces popping up around the world to cater to this new generation. People are taking advantage of these networks in different capacities; some by taking work vacations, some choosing long-term places to relocate to, or others deciding to move constantly from space to space. Some people bring their kids and families, some travel alone excited by constantly meeting people of different cultures.

There is a new group of young coworkers taking advantage of this international opportunity who call themselves digital or coworking nomads. They travel from space to space able to combine the excitement of new cities or remote locations with the productivity of a stable work environment. While working tirelessly on their business endeavors in new surroundings, coworking nomads are not bound by routine or habit but rather thrive off of spontaneity that can boost creativity and further their ideas. This lifestyle forces people to develop the ability to adapt, creating a mindset that allows workers to see their work differently. Constantly surrounded by new perspectives, coworking nomads get the opportunity to bring their individual knowledge and share ideas with locals, creating a global exchange of ideas. Though the concept is simply made possible by the Internet and virtual connectivity, it provides so much more than that by allowing people with different perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas of the future to work together in the same spaces.

This lifestyle has its challenges and tests coworkers’ discipline and dedication to theirs work. Not only do coworkers have to coordinate time zones, these nomads get no credit for just showing up for work. They have to measure their own performance based on results and work hard to demonstrate their value. However as the trend catches on and more adopt this lifestyle, it should become easier and easier to make the world your office.

If you are inspired by this new lifestyle and your sense of adventure begs you to give it a try, you should consider Barcelona as a wonderful stop on your list. One of the most densely populated cities of startups and coworking in the world, Barcelona embodies what many coworking nomads may be searching for; a melting pot of ideas and perspectives in a location with sunny beaches, great food, and rich culture. Here at Talent Garden, we have members from around the world working together and sharing ideas in one space and we are constantly looking for more. If you decide this flexible and spontaneous lifestyle is calling your name, or are just looking to get away for the summer, we are currently offering the TAG cards that will give you access to our beautiful Barcelona spaces. Switching up the scenery and seeing what Barcelona has to offer may just give you that new breakthrough idea you have been searching for.  


27 octubre 2015

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