Discover Barcelona: Bunquers del Carmel

Barcelona is more than La Rambla, Sagrada Familia, el Barrio Gótico and Tapas… There are amazing hidden places that have made Barcelona a fascinating city for those looking to live and work here. There is always more to discover about this historical city, as our two interns are quickly learning.

On a sunny Thursday evening last week after work, our Interns here at Talent Garden Barcelona payed a visit to the Bunquers del Carmel viewpoint to enjoy the beautiful sunset. At the top of the hill there are bunkers which were used as anti-aircraft batteries built during the Spanish civil war to protect the city from bombings that shook it. The view can be enjoyed during anytime of the day however was recommended by our interns to go to capture the sunset. The 360° panoramic views include sights of the Sagrada Familia, Tibidabo, the Mapfre tower and the beautiful buildings that form the city’s skyline.

After a quick bus trip, the girls found themselves at the bottom of the hill staring up at what looked like a treacherous climb all the way to the top. However, the uphill struggle was rapidly forgotten about when Alex and Iona feasted their eyes on one of the most spectacular panoramic views across the city. As the wine flowed, the girls laughed and chatted away against the backdrop of an almighty sunset displaying incredible colours of pink and orange. Our Interns were delighted with the Instagram perfect shots they managed to capture.

As darkness fell, fireworks were set high up into the sky to the applause and cheer of the numerous onlookers. Alex and Iona soaked up the incredible atmosphere. Our interns recommended taking a picnic and emphasized that the best thing about the experience is that it’s completely free! We look forward to hearing what other hidden gems our interns find during their stay here at Talent Garden Barcelona.

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15 julio 2016

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