Family + Work = Cofamily

It can be difficult to be self-employed, working on a project or start-up company, and also be a family man or woman. How do you complete objectives to your full capability if you also need to keep an eye out for the little one all day?

There is an increasing demand for places where mothers and fathers can go to work and keep their children in proximity without being distracted. As a result many coworking spaces have aimed to include nusrseries or childcare as a part of their packages. Spaces like the ones below are just two examples within Spain that make working with children possible.


“Aqui Puedes” reflects the message that professional parents do not have to give up their work development just because they have a family. A concept that Cofamily says should be easy, still seems to be rather complicated. Thus, the possibility in Granada has formed. There is the Coworking part, that includes simply you among similar professional parents…

Then there is the Cobaby part of Cofamily. In Granada, this is the alternative to the traditional spaces of childcare. Cobaby includes aspects of personalized care with feeding, hygiene, and flexible education. Parents always have the option to be an active and present piece of the Cobaby curriculum, making sure that families can still be a part of a child’s growth at any time they choose.

Another aspect that Cofamily promotes is working even when you have a newborn baby. They recognize that being a mom, especially a new mom on maternity leave, is overwhelming. Cofamily welcomes those most recently starting motherhood and their new babies, to come and connect.


Cobaby is an attractive space because they offer the Cobaby, Coworking, and Center for Mothers/Future mothers. A center recognized by the Barcelona City Council, Cobaby values education and children’s emotional development. The care and attention given to a baby is always personalized, and parents can see their children at any point they choose. Cobaby has children ages 6 months old to 3 years old. Cofamily is the opportunity of any coworking space except with comfort of knowing that your child is close by. Notably, there is also the center for current and future mothers that specifically provides a space for those to interact about the issues regarding parenthood and entrepreneurship. Activities and consultations are available for those participating to feel like they are experiencing their motherhood in full.

Family-friendly coworking spaces are appealing because they offer a safe and constructive space for both you and your child. The usual coworking space might have parents lacking incentive because they feel they need to tend to their child or they are worried that their child will distract them if they bring them to a coworking space. Places like Cobaby and Cofamily in Spain work to combat these fears because they know that it can be difficult to balance both work and family in one- especially if you are new to it. As coworking spaces that promote and provide spaces for children, there is no doubt about the convenience that will enter your life. A community that understands the difficulty of this balance will provide comfort and opportunity for both you and your little one.

3 enero 2018

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