Main Tech Events in Barcelona 2017

There are a ton of great tech events in Barcelona. Whether you are the founder of a startup, a freelancer, or an inquisitive individual looking to learn more about tech, this is the city to be in! Below is a list of some events, and a little about each one. Enjoy!


August 29th – Ironhack Hiring Day: The graduates of the Ironhack Barcelona Campus will be available for conversation and questions.

September 6th to September 8th –  Overdrive/Cyberweek Hacking Conference: Computer security conference connecting members of the hacking community to share ideas, values, and thoughts on the future.


September 13th – NGI Forum: Bringing together those involved in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and new media platforms. Listen to talks, participate in workshops, and share ideas.


November 6th – International Conference and Expo on Analytical Sciences and Instrumentation ($799): This is for analytical and pharmaceutical professionals and includes keynote lectures and short courses.

24 agosto 2017

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