The Interns visit Montserrat and Torres Winery!

It feels like we only got to Barcelona only a few days ago but we’ve already been here for 3 weeks! It is crazy to see how fast the time has gone by here. There is so much to see and so much to do in the city that there is never a dull moment. As we get more settled in here, the true beauty of the city and its people becomes more and more clear. When we first arrived there was a lot of confusion and culture shock for all of us but the more time we spend in this city the better it is.

Last weekend as part of our program we got to travel to Montserrat. We have all seen and heard plenty about Montserrat but actually seeing it in person is a completely different experience. We cannot overstate the beauty of this place and being able to explore around Montserrat for a couple hours was one of the most fun things we’ve done since being here. On the same day we got to see Montserrat, we also were able to see the Torres Winery. The sheer size and scope of the winery was magnificent. When we first arrived we thought we were looking at the entire winery, little did we know it stretches 37 acres. We got to see everything at the winery from the history of the Torres family to the actual production and storage centers. There were hundreds of thousands of wine bottles all stored underground to keep cool, we’ve never seen so much wine in our entire lives!

Overall these last couple weeks have been absolutely incredible. From the work experience here at Talent Garden to the endless exploring around the city, it is easy to see why so many people fall in love with Barcelona. This weekend we are very lucky to be touring the legendary Camp Nou Stadium. The experience here in Catalonya has been phenomenal so far and we only see it getting better.

19 junio 2015

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