Travel Tips

Are you traveling soon? Trying to get out of BCN for a little Winter holiday? Here are a few tips to make traveling easier. They may seem simple, but going away can be stressful and you can become forgetful. Check out this post before going away for a little bit of extra help.

Make A List

Trying to keep your flight in order, get to the airport on time, and make sure the house is closed up before leaving is stressful enough. Rather than try to remember everything you need to bring make a list a few days in advance. That way, you can start packing early, and easily add anything you may have forgotten.

Organize Your Travel Documents

Traveling can be stressful because you have a lot to manage. Make it easy on yourself and keep all of your travel documents in one place. Organize them by the order you will need them. If you have younger children, hold on to their travel documents as well. It is always smart to have an itinerary and a name and number of someone who you know at your destination.

Get to the Airport on Time

Even if you have to wake up early, that extra half hour of sleep is not worth running through the airport and being stressed out. I have made this mistake one too many times! Bring a book or some last minute work to do, and if you get to your gate early, grab a coffee or a snack and read. When someone sprints by you, you can be happy that you woke up a little bit earlier to make your travel experience a lot more relaxing.

Click the link below for longer list of travel tips!

17 enero 2018

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