Meet Sophie, Our Adventurous Marketing Intern from San Francisco

Hola! My name is Sophia Smith and I am thrilled to be here in Barcelona interning for Talent Garden for the summer. I’m originally from the Bay Area, California but I’m studying business at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. When I’m not studying, I love to paint, play tennis, and run. I’m also an avid cook and food lover and I spend a lot of time scoping out new restaurants in the city and writing for a university food blog.

I thrive off of adventure and spontaneity so the idea of a boring desk job for the rest of my life just isn’t for me. I want to explore, be creative, and create something that I’m truly passionate about. After completing my first year, I’m itching to get some real experiences and see what the world of innovation, entrepreneurship, and start-ups is really about. I was planning on getting a job in San Francisco and living back at home for the summer, but I couldn’t stand the idea giving up on a summer adventure so I jumped at the chance to fly across the world and take an internship at Talent Garden Barcelona. I’m addicted to traveling and try to get out of the states and explore new places whenever I get the chance. I love wandering unfamiliar streets, meeting interesting locals and travelers, trying authentic foods, and getting lost to come upon something great that I never expected.

This is actually my third visit to Barcelona, but I’ve never stayed long enough to get off the tourist track. I’m ready to “live like a local” as much as I can and stumble into those hidden gems that you just can’t find on travel sites. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage because my previous Spanish skills have been jumbled with my new efforts to learn Italian, so forgive me if I make up my own hybrid language to get around.

Barcelona is such a vibrant and buzzing city full of people from around the world coming embrace the passionate and laid-back attitude that makes up the Spanish lifestyle. I feel a sense of freedom here to slow down, take the scenic route, eat what I want, talk to strangers, let go of judgments and not worry what any one else has to say.  I’m learning how to wander, that it’s okay to wait half an hour for the check, and that I should strive to be as comfortable in my own skin as the topless women and men wearing the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen on the beach. I can’t put my finger on what the Spanish are doing so right that we are doing so wrong but you just don’t feel that way in America.

Of course there are some things about this lifestyle I’m struggling to adjust to. How these people stay up all night and work all day and eat almost entirely bread at hours way later than I’m used to I do not understand. I’m still trying to discover if the rumored siesta is real or not– but in the mean time, I’m taking full advantage.

16 junio 2015

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