A walk trough Camp Nou Stadium

We’re a couple weeks down for the Interns here at Talent Garden Barcelona. This past weekend the crew had the opportunity to check out the FC Barcelona Stadium Camp Nou. The excitement ran through Demetri, Sophie, and Rem, as they stepped out of the Maria Cristina metro station and made their way down to the field. This trip comes shortly after Luis Enrique’s team brought FCB the Triplete, winning the Copa Del Rey, La Liga and the Champions League.

The tour started with a brief introduction and history of the team and field. From there Demetri, Rem and Sophie went into the stands to get a glimpse of the stadium from the fan’s point of view. They sat there in awe as they gazed upon 95 thousand stadium seats of red blue and gold. Next stop, the locker rooms. There, our interns had the chance to see where the players go for their pre-game rituals. Then, the interns got a chance to get down on the pitch and feel the very grass FCB plays on. On the agenda next was up a few flights of stairs to get to the press seats. It was up in the press box that our interns got a chance to see what it’s like to call a game, and got a quick lesson on how to correctly say “GOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!”

Nearing the end of the tour, our interns made their way to the museum, where our tour delved deeper into the history of the team, players, and stadium. What came next was arguably the best part of the tour for the interns: The trophy room. In this room sat hundreds of trophies, awards, and artifacts FC Barcelona had acquired since their inception in 1899. Demetri says he was “shocked” by how many there were, not knowing the extent of FC Barcelona’s collection. At the end of the museum sat The Triplete; the Copa Del Rey, La Liga, and the Champions League trophies, along with jerseys of Xavi Neymar and Messi. The tour concluded with the FC Barcelona Superstore, a three story building dedicated to all things FC Barcelona. From cleats, to dog clothes, and even luggage, the Barcelona Superstore had everything to fulfill for your FCB branded item needs.

Throughout the tour, there was constant talk about the future plans of the stadium and expansion. Last year, Camp Nou was recently approved for expansion to make Europe’s biggest stadium even larger. The plans include the introduction of a roof and an additional 10,000 seats to increase the capacity to 105,000. Construction is set to begin in 2017 and continue through 2021, with an expected cost of 495 million euros.

This was just another stop on our intern’s eight week journey of Barcelona. Join us next week to hear about what else the TAG Interns are getting into.

18 agosto 2015

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