Accelerators, Incubators, and Barcelona oh my!

You may have read about the difference between an Accelerator or an Incubator. You may be also familiar with some of the top five.

As a tech entrepreneur or small tech start-up, you might find yourself asking how you can improve. You may be looking for support and something to help you stay motivated and successful in completing your goals. Sure, your family might be in the background insisting ‘you can do it’, but is that enough to have you making your next move? Well, if you have been feeling this way, you should know that there are whole programs designed for people who feel just like you.

Often, startups and tech companies look to improve their work by joining programs that help them reach goals or that give them mentors and a timeline in order to be successful. These programs are called Accelerators and Incubators. Both nicknamed “company builders”, as they have been considered innovative investment vehicles and business service providers that have contributed to advancing and influencing entrepreneurship around the world.


Accelerators focus on guiding their members and thus have a strong emphasis on mentorship. They strive to quicken your growth. They also have a set time frame that is generally a span of 3-4 months with a set graduation or demo day as well. Anyone can apply to an accelerator program but much less are accepted depending on the program itself.

Some of the biggest Accelerators in Barcelona

Game BCN
video game specialist program with a duration of 6 months including the creation of a project, a scholarship, and networking opportunities with relevant publishers.

Barcelona Ventures
A 4-month program with access to leaders and teach, the benefit of earning capital growth, and guaranteed secure traction in the US.

BCN accelerator
This program has a step by step process focusing on entrepreneurship in order to guide clientele and make sure they have the correct resources. From the first idea to the business model and market.

Block Chain Space
Exactly how it sounds, this accelerator focuses uniquely on blockchains. It is a 12-week duration program with the benefit of mentoring and coaching from industry experts.

This program is 6 months long with a strong concentration on mentoring. Entrepreneurs and mentors are matched based on the preferences of both participants in order to secure positive side-by-side results.

M Ventures BCN
A startup ecosystem that offers at least two accelerations programs. The one currently open is called the Growth Acceleration program working together with NUMA and spanning over 4 months. They team up with ambitious startups often looking to expand and meet dedicated experts.

A free 7-month program that recruits specifically younger entrepreneurs from Catalunya who have projects that would contribute to the improvement of our world. This is an offering of a more residential and local program, allowing 10 winners in the end to earn 3000 euros to invest in their idea.


Incubator programs have a strategy through plan. Their emphasis lies in setting goals and benchmarks. They do not typically have have a set date for graduation or demo date for completion, and if they do, it tends to be over a longer period of time in comparison to accelerators. Incubators are more selective, but they do accept people on a larger scale.  Incubators focus on development of ideas as well as helping you build a solid foundation.

Main Incubators of Barcelona

This incubator strategizes with entrepreneurs aiming for collaboration with partners, new revenue streams, as well as PR & learning.

CAEC Entrepreneur
CAEC stands for Centre Association Des Emprenedors De Catalunya. Here they have co-working, co-service, and co-startup. With co-startup a member would receive maximum attention and gain leverage through a variety of sources including; legal, social security, finance, notary, funding, partners, advisors, mentors, equipment, etc.

ESA BIC Barcelona
A program that claims to have a strong support structure focusing on start-ups that are younger than 5 years old and based on ideas of space-related technology.

LaSalle Technova
LaSalle works with startups interested in the field of innovative technology, and is one of Europe’s leading incubators that hopes to make ideas turn to reality. They offer many services including but not limited to; technology development, office space, plan building, funding, and acceleration.

Based at a actual university, Technocampus is a platform for new innovative business projects aimed at entrepreneurs looking to meet established companies and become a competitive one themselves.

30 noviembre 2017

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