Drivy: Rent the Car Next Door

In recent years, the concept of the sharing economy, or collaborative consumerism, has become more popular and much more visible in societies across the globe. With rising concerns of our natural environment, paired with a global recession, this sharing of resources is a sustainable way to use our resources to their utmost potential. People are finally starting to realize how much we have taken our planet, and all of its natural resources, for granted. Thus, many companies are making the shift into a sharing economy—one which thrives off the principle that sharing and exchanging goods or services truly does benefit not only both parties involved, but all of humanity.

Drivy is an online platform that allows individuals to rent out their cars when not in use. Since 2010, Drivy has allowed for the use of resources (i.e. cars) that would otherwise be idle and useless. This helps producers, who are able to make a profit out of their cars that would just be sitting there rotting away, as well as consumers, who have the opportunity to get around in a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way. Paulin Dementhon originally founded Drivy in Paris, France. Within its last six years of existence, the company has expanded into Germany and Spain, as well, quickly becoming Europe’s leading peer-to-peer car rental service with over 1,000,000 users. The company has high hopes of expanding internationally—a goal that now seems attainable after securing north of €30 million from investors to do just that.

Here at Talent Garden Barcelona, we are lucky enough to host Drivy’s country manager for Spain, Jaume Suñol, and a few of its entrepreneurs. Being able to watch this thriving company make a rise in front of our own eyes has been an incredible experience, and we cannot wait to see how far they will go.

5 agosto 2016

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