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Thousands of expats have found their home at Barcelona. They have adopted its gastronomy, traditions, culture and the easygoing way of living… but despite as fantastic as life can be in this beautiful and sunny city, sometimes language can be a barrier. Even if expats are fluent spanish speakers, when it comes to health issues it could be a difficult thing to deal with.

TripMedic is an startup which connects travelers and expats to english speaking practitioners across all disciplines and specialisms. They work with the best doctors, who have been chosen based on their professional reputation.

Their services in Barcelona includes:

  • Medical assistance in English.
  • An English-speaking help desk.
  • All specialties covered.
  • Real-time consultation bookings.
  • Consistently high availability.
  • Translation services.
  • Nursing services.

Here at Talent Garden Barcelona we host coworkers from all over the world, which makes TripMedic the perfect health solution for our international members.

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19 mayo 2016

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