Hottest Startups

Check out some of the hottest startups of the year in this blog post! Maybe you can get some inspiration from what these companies are doing, or maybe it will just be an interesting read. You might even find some common ground and be able to connect!


Uptake works to increase security, productivity, and efficiency in industry using SaaS and science driven data. It uses real time data to create analysis and lets users take action right away, so that nothing slips through the cracks. Click this link to read more!


SendGrid helps startups, agencies, and other companies with marketing through email. It ensures that your emails get to where they are directed to. It integrates email campaigns and sends over 35 billion emails per month. This company is revolutionizing email, and could help you!


Cylance uses artificial intelligence to analyze files before they are opened. This helps to prevent malware and phishing scams. The company also offers consulting and training to industries such as government and education. They state that they have over 1,000 customers.

Check out this link – – for a longer list of the hottest startups!


24 julio 2017

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