What is Google Startup Weekend?

Google Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event that allows people of all different backgrounds to create and implement new innovative business ideas. Startup weekend allows participants to engage in an environment that simulates the hardships and various struggles of getting a newly formed “startup” company off the ground.

During this weekend, all members will experience the time crunch pressure, the laughs that frustrations that come with different achievements and failures, and the rigorous collaborative brainstorming necessary to turn an fictional idea into a functional business.

Up until this point in time, Startup Weekend has created over 23,000+ teams, a community of over 193,000 alumni members, hosted over 2,900 events and has been active in 150 countries around the globe.

Within Startup weekend, you will find potential investors, mentors, cofounders, and sponsors by your side to push you throughout the weekend.

The event itinerary is usually comprised of three different days:

Day 1: The Meet, Pitch, & Team up

Day 2: Learn & Work

Day 3: Present and Choose.

At the very end of the event, Startup teams and ideas can potentially receive investment offers and mentorship to continue their new business venture. If your idea is not picked, teams can still push forward outside of the weekend and pursue their ideas with their newly formed teams.

This event is accessible for people of all backgrounds and thrives off of diversity. Are you asking if the event is for me?? Well if you are motivated in the entrepreneurial aspects of creating and launching a new idea then the answer is yes! This event is a perfect gateway into the startup community as it captures many different valuable experiences.

Visit startupweekend.org/events to host or register for events in your area!

25 mayo 2017

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