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A journey through Digital Transformation to keep leading the market

Thanks to our international network of experts, we design and deliver digital transformation journeys based on every clients’ specific needs. Are you ready to turn digital innovation into your company culture?

A transformational experience to gain strategic skills and set a new culture of innovation

In an increasingly competitive environment, corporates need to look for new tools and embrace new organizational models in order to stay relevant and keep leading the market. In this context, Edison Digital Academy was designed to achieve two main goals: to train over 150 people on hard skills, and to spread a new digital culture throughout the entire company, while connecting with the innovation ecosystem in a unique training experience.

Training your talents is a mandatory element for every Digital Transformation path, but to reach a complete change of paradigm it is essential to develop a new corporate culture.

Edison Digital Academy has provided all the cross-functional teams involved with a common language and new tools and knowledge on seven key areas for the company, such as AI for Business, Digital Product Management and UX & Customer Journey.

But most importantly, the program set the foundations for a radical cultural transformation, thanks to the unique opportunity to meet and interact with experts and players from the Talent Garden Ecosystem – far from traditional models but an essential reference for corporate growth in the current context.


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