Simon Moos
Vienna, Austria (available to travel, remote work welcome)
Non disponible pour déménager

Disponible à partir de mai 2022

Simon Moos

Disponible à partir de mai 2022

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Simon Moos

Vienna, Austria (available to travel, remote work welcome)
Non disponible pour déménager
Profil de l’étudiant
Rôle souhaité

UX/UI Designer

Type d’entreprise préféré

Startup, SME, Agency, Corporate (flexible, no preference)

Cours suivi

UX Design Bootcamp

Bonjour, je suis Simon

I’m Simon, a UX Designer with background in Psychology and Digital Marketing. I am passionate for aesthetics and an advocate of human-centered design. For me, working in UX is the perfect opportunity of being creative in a field that is based on psychological foundation. While studying, I specialized on Applied Social Psychology and especially Consumer Psychology, where I also wrote my master thesis in. After university, I worked at Der STANDARD as Performance Marketing Specialist for four years.

Diplôme de maîtrise

Master of Science in Psychology


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Simon en pilules
Décrivez-vous en 3 mots

Dependable, creative, empathic

Quelle est votre principale qualité?

I really enjoy designing, so once I'm in a flow state it's hard to get me off the project. Also, I try to have a critical look on myself and always try to improve.

Qu’aimez-vous faire pendant votre temps libre?

I like everything related to music, like playing guitar, listening to records and especially visiting concerts. Other than that, I like cycling, motorsports, reading good books and photography.

Les outils que je maîtrise le mieux
User Research
User Interface Design
Usability Testing
Design Thinking






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