Yurino Oshima
Wien - Austria
Non disponible pour déménager

Disponible à partir de septembre 2021

Yurino Oshima

Disponible à partir de septembre 2021

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Yurino Oshima

Wien - Austria
Non disponible pour déménager
Profil de l’étudiant
Rôle souhaité

UX/UI Designer

Type d’entreprise préféré

Corporate, SMEs

Cours suivi

UX Design Bootcamp


Fashion Design

Bonjour, je suis Yurino

I am a Japanese user-centred (UX&UI) designer with both business and artistic perspectives, and more than 5years of experience in fashion design, stage/advertising acting for well known companies, and customer service & support. My experience in a number of different settings has given me the capacity to accept different types of people and things, and to draw on my imagination well. I am always focused on my goals and maintain harmony within a team. I am very much looking forward to meeting talented people, and using all the experience I have so far to evolve further!

Yurino in pills
Décrivez-vous en 3 mots

Harmonious, Diligence, Insightful

Quelle est votre principale qualité?

Concentration, tenacity, self-control, co-operation and empathy to carry out objectives towards a set goal, regardless of the circumstances. I am particularly good at listening to others and getting to the point, and at sustaining a steady stream of detailed work.

Qu’aimez-vous faire pendant votre temps libre?

Writing, knitting, reading, watching films and art, going for walks in nature, eating good food and chatting with the people I love are the things that keep me going well.:)

Les outils que je maîtrise le mieux
Adobe Photoshop
UI & Visual Design
UX Design&Service Design
Comparative analysis
User Interview
User Research & Usability testing




German A1

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