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L’école Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna est un institut d’enseignement innovant qui utilise une approche d’apprentissage disruptive qui place les personnes au centre grâce à une une méthodologie de formation d’avant-garde. Nous proposons des cours et des programmes de formation Nous proposons des cours et des programmes de formation approfondis, tant pour les particuliers que pour les entreprises, en nous concentrant sur cinq domaines clés : le codage, les données, le marketing, le design et les affaires. Nous proposons des bootcamps, des programmes de transformation numérique Programmes et Masterclasses dans les technologies numériques et les domaines d’innovation.

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Talent Garden Innovation School propose des programmes et des formations pour les particuliers et les entreprises.


Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

  • 2.300

    Students trained across Europe

  • 99%

    Success in terms of employability among students

  • 1.200

    Educated young children in coding and robotics

Talent acquisition for companies

With our Talent Garden Innovation School leading-edge hiring services, you can cultivate the talent your company needs to thrive.

  • 1

    Connect with expert-trained, job-ready candidates from our rigorous coding, data, business, marketing and design courses.

  • 2

    Create custom hiring programs and different roles simultaneously, at a lower cost

  • 3

    Expand diversity initiatives and encourage a culture of inclusion and innovation

  • J-IT GesmbH

Meet our team

Graduated in Communication Sciences for institutions and companies at the University of Turin, Giulia Amico di Meane has gained decades of experience in FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), covering various managerial roles over the years. She began her career in FCA in Commercial Training, managing the launch of new products for all the brands in the group. Her experience continues as EMEA Product Marketing Manager for Fiat Panda, before becoming Fiat Brand’s Innovation & Customer Experience Manager.

Giulia Amico di Meane
Talent Garden Innovation School Director

Talent Garden
Innovation School

Talent Garden Vienna

Liechtensteinstraße 111-115, 1090 Wien - Austria

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