Business Sustainability Course

Join this crash course in sustainable development and explore more exciting business opportunities that arise when sustainability and exponential technologies meet.

Get up to speed on sustainability, climate change and exponential technologies to create responsive business solutions that are impactful and scalable.

Business Sustainability Course
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About the Business Sustainability course

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

By the time you finish this course you should have acquired the following knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resumé:

  • An overview and understanding of the challenge climate change poses to society and business.
  • Explore fundamental approaches, agreements and frameworks that are driving sustainability like: the Planetary Boundaries, the Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030, the Carbon law, Doughnut Economics, resilience, systems thinking and more.
  • Understand and leverage the parallels between sustainability and digitalization and how as a disrupter it is reshaping the business landscape at scale.
  • Explore how exponential technologies can help develop rapidly scaling sustainability solutions for business and planet.
  • Get hands on with the Sustainable Business Canvas – a tool you can use to develop new exponential climate solutions and sustainable business models in your business.

The Hyper Island approach is different from a traditional online course. We combine hands-on learning in your workplace with a fast-paced online environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.

Learning kit
Each Saturday, a learning kit is introduced to get your brain thinking and reflecting on that week’s module and topics at hand. In each kit will be original content, resources and curated materials to inspire and offer you the chance to maximize your knowledge. The contents are available for you to go through at a time that works for you and remain available for your review at the end of the course too. You don’t have to worry about cramming everything in as we strive to focus on the here and now and what you can explore each week.

Live sessions, interactive workshops and hands-on tasks
Every Thursday from 14:00-15:30 CET, a live interactive session takes place online to support learning, reflection, creating, and networking. Sessions are 90 minutes and are multifaceted and social – ensuring all learners get a chance to lean-in and participate. The sessions will be hosted by course facilitators and leading thinkers and doers from the sustainability discipline. And of course, we will learn, share and create using some of the latest and most applicable digital collaboration tools.

Weekly reflection
Every week, in addition to our live interactive sessions, there will be a chance to combine content, action, and reflection through hands-on tasks and challenges to solve. These weekly learning opportunities are designed to integrate with your day-to-day work and build additional competence and experience.

Peer learning and perspective
We find that much of the learning comes through interactions and discussion from your peers on the course. As part of your journey, each of the live sessions will feature time in the program to connect, share, and learn from each other. We are always blown away by the experience and expertise from learners in our course and we work to amplify that for you.

Time commitment
This course is designed to be flexible to your schedule. The time commitment is individual, however, you are expected to spend approximately 3-4 hours per week total—including participation—in each of the live sessions as well as your learning and doing outside of sessions.

This course is for everyone and anyone interested in learning more about sustainability, and how to implement new solutions into their roles and businesses to develop the sustainable companies of the future. Whether you are a business leader, manager, entrepreneur, investor, employee or consultant, this course will ensure that your work incorporates and leads from a sustainability-first agenda. It gives you the chance to work with tools that explore how you can develop new conscious ways of working, products/services, innovate or start new ideas that benefit both the business and the future world.


Faculty Member
Graziella Luggen
Learning designer, certified coach and master class facilitator | Freelancer

Graziella is a learning designer, certified coach and master class facilitator with 15+ years of experience. She worked as a consultant and coach for various global clients across many industries, and facilitated different cultural transformation projects, always leading with a systemic approach to change. She has trained in organizational development through systems theory and sustainability […]

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Faculty Member
Jennie Person
Business Developer | Hyper Island

Jennie is a Business Developer at Hyper Island, and she has worked with sustainable change for about 10 years in different roles such as change leader, sustainability manager, learning design and facilitator, and mentor within social startup communities. She uses experience based learning methods, leadership and group development tools to bring people together to co-create […]

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Faculty Member
Johan Eriksson
Course Co-Facilitator | Hyper Island

Johan has been part of Hyper Island since 2015 in different roles, and has created and led learning journeys in technology, human-centered design, culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He has been leading and designing Hyper Islands courses in Digital Acceleration, Business Transformation and currently, he is leading our User Experience, Service Design, and Digital Strategy courses […]

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talent garden
talent garden

Content of the course

In the upcoming decades, a profound shift towards climate neutrality is taking place – which sees sustainability becoming the next major disruptor alongside the likes of digitalization and emergent exponential technologies. Understanding where we are at and are going, is vital for anyone leading an organization or those sensing the opportunities that are available in this disruption to build new integrated solutions and businesses. This course offers a set of tools, models and frameworks that can help you relate to this change, lead and make decisions, and build the future of business on the principles of sustainability and technology.

1 - Climate and sustainability

The central frameworks, principles and science that inform the blueprint for future value creation.

The thinking and creativity behind the ability to connect exponential technologies and behaviour change to opportunities for innovation.

An overview of the trends shaping the business landscape from supply chain and product development to marketing and corporate governance.

New business models are needed to power these next decades of change. We will use a tool and mental model for developing these models called the Sustainable Business Canvas.

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