User Experience Strategy Course

Transform how you create and implement valuable user experiences. In this UX course you’ll gain hands-on experience and direct knowledge of working on a real brief for an actual client.

Learn together with Product Designer Anna Lundqvist (ex: Spotify, H&M, Doberman, AKQA) and Design Director Tobias Ahlin (ex: Spotify, Mojang and GitHub).

User Experience Strategy Course
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About the Design Thinking For Innovation course

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

By the time you finish this UX course, you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resume.

  • Understand all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with a company, its services and its products
  • Understand behaviors, characteristics, and motivations of customer
  • The ability to identify and communicate customer experience insights and map a customer journeys
  • Understand the difference between ‘friction’ and ‘opportunity’ when it comes to UX
  • Ability to describe how UX methodology provides business benefits and describe the impact of UX methodology on marketing and advertising
  • Understanding of and ability to act on hinders & opportunities connected to implementation of UX
  • Ability to engage colleagues and  implement UX methodology in your organisation and to clearly present and communicate UX insights to others

A UX design course for today & tomorrow

A user’s experience (UX) is fundamental for businesses looking to engage, attract, and retain visitors to its online platform. In just a matter of seconds, the user can be all in or bouncing out of a website. This UX course helps to turn you into the design hero that both businesses and users are counting on to make the online experience the best it can possibly be. You’ll explore the thought process behind designing user journeys before building your knowledge by taking on real-world case studies. And you don’t need to be a digital expert to take this UX strategy course. Our team of industry experts will support you throughout, so you can be confident in ensuring everything falls into the right place.

1 - Learn with trusted practitioners

A chance to get real-life insights from actual industry experts, who will support you in adapting your mindset and skills in design.

Experience methodology that focuses on team collaboration instead of individual effort, and challenges you to grow personally and professionally.

Grow your confidence in the theory and implementation of a design thinking approach.

Learn to understand behaviors, characteristics, and motivations of your customers. Explore user research tools and determine good and bad user experience from studying existing consumer journeys. Big Picture UX.

How to explore human-centered design thinking and customer journey mapping to generate insights. Observe and understand what powers your users toward an intended goal or scenario – understanding friction vs opportunity in user experience.

You’ll gain hands-on experience and direct knowledge of working on a real brief for an actual client.

Sessions with course leaders to troubleshoot your hurdles and support your progress. Workshops to experiment and explore peer-based learning.

Build storyboards, scenarios, and wireframes to develop user experiences. Experiment and test ideas with rapid prototypes.

Explore global trends in digital interface design. Discover technical ideas in responsive design. Design for multi-platform experiences.

Understand, describe and discuss the value and implementation of user experience design, and how it provides business benefits. So that you can engage and bring clients and colleagues along the journey with you. You’ll learn how to discuss the impact of UX thinking on marketing and advertising campaigns.

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