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Facilitative Leadership Course

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Get hands-on skills and tools for face-to-face and remote facilitation. Harness collective intelligence and create an inclusive environment of psychological safety.

Facilitative Leadership Course
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About the Facilitative Leadership Course

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

By the time you finish this course, you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away, whether it’s in your work or improving your everyday life.

  • Gain knowledge of the foundations of process design and facilitation and explore the links to leadership and culture
  • Learn how to design collaborative meetings and workshops and facilitate processes that harness the group’s collective intelligence
  • Deepen understanding of how to lead teams toward a common purpose
  • Create and sustain participatory environments online and face-to-face
  • Practice and sharpen ability to apply tools, methods, and skills in the appropriate context to support individual, team and group development


Faculty Member
Louise Norrman
ICF Professional Coach and accredited UGL Facilitator | Swedish Defence University

Louise is an ICF Professional Coach and accredited UGL Facilitator (Swedish Defence University) with 17+ years of experience in meeting, workshop, training and process facilitation as well as leadership development. Her key focus is to enable professionals through personal development, self-awareness training and behavioral analysis, and she specializes in linking individual needs to the profitability […]

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Faculty Member
Miranda Bachelder
Leader & Facilitator | Hyper Island

Miranda is the Head of Employee Experience at Hyper Island Europe. She is passionate about team development and authentic leadership, and is responsible for making Hyper Island a great place to work from the aspects of cultural management, internal communication and team collaboration.

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What you will be doing

1 - Get the competence

Experience and apply tools, methods, and skills to facilitate diverse groups and effectively lead processes, workshops and meetings.

Practice facilitating group dynamics that emerge in real time. Build your own facilitation toolbox to support yourself as you lead self & others through challenges.

Use approaches that you can immediately apply in your workplace to lead and support effective and inclusive processes, meetings, and workshops.

Ask open questions that foster sharing across multiple perspectives and shape an inclusive environment. Learn facilitation techniques that engage every member of a group.

Use process design and facilitation to further develop leadership capacities in a group. Deepen self awareness (as a leader & member) to effectively navigate group dynamics.

Learn how to design workshops and meetings to solve specific problems. Pick and employ suitable tools for each process.

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