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Hyper Island Leadership© – Transformative Course

This leadership course is for those who are looking to build the competencies, confidence, and tools to excel in a formal leadership role and make bold change happen in your organisation.

Join us for a personal and immersive experience in which you’ll be invited to show up as a leader, but most importantly as a human being, sharing your perspectives, challenges, and reflections.

Hyper Island Leadership© – Transformative Course
Hyper Island Leadership© – Transformative Course Hyper Island Leadership© – Transformative Course icon

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Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

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About the Hyper Island Leadership© - Transformative Course

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

By the time you finish this course, you should have acquired the following knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use immediately in your workplace or add to your resume.

  • Understanding the emerging leadership landscape and what pitfalls and opportunities that comes with it.
  • Build a greater sense of awareness, intention, and confidence as a leader in your organization.
  • The ability to efficiently adopt a leadership style to fit the situation and at the same time stay authentic and grounded.
  • Have the knowledge and confidence to apply coaching techniques and tools in a wide range of leadership situations.
  • Be able to effectively diagnose and intervene to support the development and performance of your team.
  • Appling frameworks for effectively navigating and respond to complexity.
  • Lead transformation and change: in myself, and my team and organisation.

  1. Three full-day facilitated sessions with Hyper Island staff and industry experts from our significant network of collaborators.
  2. Our industry experts will share inspiration and co-facilitate you to give you a new perspective, using examples and insights throughout.
  3. Connect and expand your network with other professionals all over the world.

This course is for anyone with a formal mandate to lead a team or organisation on a day-to-day basis. You can be a line manager, a project manager or maybe a matrix leader.

Learners can expect to expand their thinking, extend the toolbelt, and learn from others as well reach new perspectives through challenges and provocations to become a more adaptive, transformative leader fit for our changing world.

You may also be interacting with people bringing fresh energy around making a career change or those stepping into new leadership roles within their organizations. At Hyper Island, we drive home the notion of social learning and approach this course as a cohort of passionate enthusiasts ready to take a leap and step into a new type of learning, based on doing and togetherness.


Faculty Member
Pär Hellstadius
Leader, Facilitator, Speaker & Trainer | Hyper Island

As the Business Transformation team lead and process designer/facilitator at Hyper Island, Pär has extensive experience of leading and supporting change initiatives in international companies. He is passionate about Design Thinking and Agile ways of working as a way to transform traditional business processes and cater for innovation and collaborative problem solving.

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Faculty Member
Otto Ruijs
Learning Designer, Leadership Expert, Facilitator & Trainer | Hyper Island

Otto has over 20 years experience in consulting, leadership training and executive education. He started his career in strategy consulting but slowly but surely ventured into a parallel path of training and people development with a focus on digital transformation and digital leadership. From 2009-2021 he worked and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and Stockholm, […]

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Unlock your higher leadership potential

For us, leadership is about people who care. Not only about what they do, but also the people and the environment around them. A transformative leader possesses all the characteristics of a positive and inspirational driver of passion, and the skill set to meet the challenges of adaptability through encouragement and new ways of working—especially in our post-pandemic society and organizations facing technological acceleration, globalisation and increased complexity. This new reality requires leaders that help everyone come together, across silos and borders to co-create, innovate and solve problems together.

1 - Leadership Identity

Understand and reaffirm who you are, who you are here for, and what you are here to do in connection with both the external and internal leadership landscape―as a launch pad for transformation.

Explore and demystify the complex ecosystem of team dynamics and performance.

Increase influence and rapport via active listening techniques as well as the art of asking powerful questions.

Explore and practice adaptability and psychological flexibility as a success factor in life and leadership.

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