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Don’t you want your kids to be ready for the challenges of the future?


Apply now. Programming is the language of the 21st Century.

talent garden
talent garden

Full application deadline

Full application deadline

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What is the Super Coder Bootcamp ITP Aero?

It is a two-week course where kids will be trained in the basic principles of programming, developing their ingenuity and creativity in many workshops and driven activities where they’ll be able to make their own technological creations and see their own progress—an introduction to programming in a unique technological, digital and entrepreneurial environment like Talent Garden.

During the Bootcamp, they’ll also have the opportunity to visit the ITP Aero facilities (creators of the Rolls Royce engines in planes).



  • 28 programming workshops (CS Fundamental Express
  • 2 talks, entertaining and adapted to the students’ age, by leaders from the world of technology.
  • They’ll have the chance to visit ITP Aero-novena facilities, an international motor company, and aeronautical components in Bizkaia (Zamudio) and Madrid (Aljavir).
  • Kids will need to bring their own laptops and will be provided with a snack at noon.
Full application deadline

Info & Costs

  • Dates: 2 independent courses available in Madrid from the 4th of July to the 15th of July, and the same dates in Bilbao

  • Schedule: 2 weeks from Monday to Friday. 6,5 hours/day, from 9h30 to 16h00

  • Location: On campus, in Madrid or Bilbao

  • Language: Spanish

  • Price: 100% scholarship

  • Metodología:

  • Title: The students will receive a diploma certifying the training received in the Programming Bootcamp ITP Aero

  • Necesidades: Los alumnos deberán llevar su propio ordenador

It’s time to invest in your children’s future: they’ll learn while having fun

When we talk about the ‘jobs of the future » we don’t really know the ones that will be in demand, but what we do know are the skills that will be required. Computational thinking contributes to the development of skills that are required nowadays by employers and will also be in the future: mathematics, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, ultimately all the skills that are required now and will be required in the future by employers.

These skills are going to be essential to stand out in the 21st Century, and they are developed thanks to computational thinking, something implicit in programming, which makes it the key skill to be ready for the future.

By enrolling in the Super Coder Bootcamp ITP Aero, they’ll do so driven by the unique methodology implemented by, which is conquering the world.

Organizers and Main Partner

Organizers and Main Partner

What Most Schools Don't Teach

Programming will be the most important language in the 21st Century. However, it’s still not represented enough in school curriculums. Computational thinking develops essential skills like mathematics, problem-solving, creativity… in a simple and fun way. courses are used by dozens of millions of kids and a million teachers around the world. With them, programming is easy and fun, and each student learns at their own pace depending on the age and previous knowledge. is supported by generous donors like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Infosys Foundation, Google, and much more. Is also supported by political, economic, and social referents from all around the world like Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Bill Clinton, Iván Duque, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, BONO, Malala, or Richard Branson.

  • 5,000,000 students around the world

  • 2,000,000

    Teachers using resources

  • 130,000,000

    Projects created in

Full application deadline

Full application deadline


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