Digital nomadism: work is no longer a place

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A PC and an Internet connection is all you need when you work in the digital sector. The traditional office is indeed becoming obsolete for all those professionals working in a condition of creative nomadism. A choice related to the evolution of both the marketplace and the technology itself, as demonstrated by the story of Mila Ligugnana, Social Media Strategist & Founder at HOBO Nomad Content Studio, a content production company on wheels. Mila travels with her team on a caravan, providing live social media services and other creative activities. Her headquarter is however in Talent Garden Calabiana, where she meets her clients and collaborators.

We had a small chat with her to discover more about her life as digital nomad.

1. Why did you decide to found HOBO Nomad Content Studio?

As a creative professional, I always felt to be in “the wrong place.” And I mean, physically. I perceived as a contradiction the fact that I was asked to think out of the box, to invent something new by simply looking for inspiration online, working in a closed office. Sometimes I was working till late at night, sometimes time hung heavy. Even when there wasn’t much work to do, I had to stay in the office, instead of going to an exhibition, to the cinema, or simply visiting my family, taking inspiration from everyday life. When I finally entered the social media world, I realized how little necessary it was to commute every day. I only needed a PC and a good wifi connection to perform my job, except for the brainstorming sessions and the meetings with my colleagues.

My parents used to travel by camper so, when I became a freelancer, I thought “Why not opening a nomad studio? That would be helpful when commuting for work (I often do live tweeting and social activities at events, which are sometimes itinerant), and I would be able to work everywhere, with no time or space restrictions.”

HOBO was born in this way, and it is a Nomad Content Studio. Its main headquarter is a van!

HOBO is an extremely flexible solution, the camper has undoubtedly a romantic feature (that of the travel), but it is also very functional. Live social network activities can be arranged last-minute, and the team involved (director, photographer, editor, community manager) always has a place to work and do brainstorming between commutes.

During all these years I had the chance to meet extremely talented freelancers with the same vision (which someone would define as utopian).

Four of these, Andrea Castelletti – Creative Director, Marina Rossa – Photographer, Carlo Zoratti – Director and Dario Morold – Composer, allow HOBO to deliver very complex creative projects in a very new, and I would say, also funny, way.

2. Which are the new paradigms of storytelling?

I think there are no boundaries, but rather new possibilities. In the last few years, the world of social network allowed us to communicate brands in a totally new way, more intimate and less factitious. The rapid evolution of these means challenged us several times: conveying the image of a company has become a 360° challenge, it is necessary to always be up-to-date and listen to people’s needs.

3. How are social media impacting on corporate communications?

I think social media allowed companies to better understand their customers. Little businesses can now enter the digital ecosystem with a paltry budget and a clear editorial strategy. Big companies can, on the other hand, develop a closer relationship with their customers, revealing something new every day and getting it touch with them with lighter means such as Facebook or WhatsApp. It’s not about companies and consumers anymore, it’s about people.

4. Which advice would you give to a youth that wants to work as copywriter?

I would suggest to make this choice, I think this is a great moment to pursue this career.

5. Why did you decide to work in Talent Garden?

HOBO is a van. As such, the space inside is very limited. I was looking for a larger workspace where to gather collaborators and clients, always in a nomad perspective. I was moreover fascinated by the European network of campuses of Talent Garden: the idea of booking a meeting room in Tirana and the following day in Barcelona was incredible and totally in line with HOBO’s spirit.

6. Which are your short-term goals?

To keep doing the work I love, the way I like. 


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