AI Ready – For CEOs & Senior Managers

Don’t be left behind. Make your organisation AI Ready.

We are in the golden age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and already it is changing every sector and every aspect of our lives. Whether its education, healthcare or transportation with the help of AI your business will evolve rapidly, and without AI your products, markets and customers are exposed to risk from competitors who rapidly adopt such technologies.

This 1-day immersive AI Ready Masterclass is for senior managers who need to learn about how AI will impact and transform their business. The course covers key developments in AI innovation, value chain, ethics, hiring for AI and how to develop an AI strategy in order to take your organisation to the next level and make it AI Ready.

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  • Dates 01-02-2019 - 01-02-2019
  • Length 1-day Masterclass
  • What does this include?
    Cost includes light lunch, snacks and refreshments throughout the course.

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Our faculty come from a wide range of backgrounds including IT, Business, Emerging Media, Education, Design, HR, Psychology, Philosophy, Creative Arts and many other related areas. We are educators who are committed to the student learning experience and to taking an ‘action learning’ approach to teaching. We do this through delivering interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory but focused on real-world application.
Jen Stirrup
Dr. Finn Macleod
Ruth Kearney
Clare Dillon

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