Strategy in Uncertain Times [what’s_next? series]

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The current health crisis has shaken things up for everybody: we are all facing unprecedented and unexpected challenges, trying to deal with the unknown. We want to help our community restart after the crisis, and that’s why we are organizing the “What’s_next? series”: a new online format of online programs dedicated to everybody looking for the tools needed to envision and act in the post-pandemic business world. The second episode is: Strategy in Uncertain Times!

The Strategy in Uncertain Times Workshop is designed for individuals and teams, leaders who want to learn how to adapt their strategy to unstable future scenarios.

We will work with tools and methodologies that help you to translate any idea about the future into something you can start activating in your organization today. We use the theory of the “Cone of Possibility” in our work with organizations to identify that possibilities in the future are determined by their past and present: during the program, we start from the future and work our way back, taking into consideration your past (heritage and company DNA) and your present situation (skills, capabilities and resources).

By doing so, you will see that there’s only a cone of possibility that you can transform into. Using Scenario Thinking, we can help you design this space of possibilities for the future of your organization in order for you to react now and adapt your business strategy to the possible challenges of an uncertain and unstable future.

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29/09/2020 - 13/10/2020
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