How to stay connected with your customers

While working online it has been harder to connect with customers as part of your customer development process. Let’s talk about connecting

Over the past year the way we connect with our customers has changed. Conor McCarthy of the first 10 Podcast will be talking about bridging the gap in online customer communication, how to keep it casual but productive as we seek to understand our customers and their needs.


11:30 – 11:35: Introduction to Talent Garden and Conor McCarthy

11:35- 11:55: How to Keep customer connection online.

11:55-12:00: Q&A

About the speaker: Conor McCarthy is a software engineer, festival founder, entrepreneur, and coach. He is the host of the First 10 Podcast, where he interviews business builders on their First 10 Customers – who they were, how they found them, how to talk to them, and what effect they had on their business, so that you can learn what worked, and what didn’t. He helps freelancers, bootstrappers and founders start and grow their businesses. He also coaches business builders on Seth Godin’s Akimbo and altMBA Workshops, helping people tell their stories, bootstrap their success, create freelance businesses and engage fully with their marketing.

About Talent Garden: Talent Garden is the leading European coworking network and educational institute for the digital and tech community. We host a community of over 4,500 innovators inside the network of campuses. These campuses are a base for ideas and collaborations to thrive, hosting a community of startups, agencies, corporate labs, freelancers, investors, media companies and students, who are all united by a like-minded vision for digital innovation.

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