Learn how to better cooperate and communicate in your business life


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Learn how to better cooperate, communicate and influence in your day-to-day business life.

We are all different. Let’s embrace it.

Learn about the different styles of behavior of the people around you. 

Why do other people react completely differently than you in the same situation? What are the differences? How can knowing them help you in your day-to-day business life? 

We work with the world’s most recognised personality profile: DiSC®

Have you ever experienced a situation in which you wished to know how your behavior affects the people around you?

Or wanted to convince your counterpart and you just didn’t find the right words?

Our DISC seminar is an exceptional high-impact training for better cooperation with different personalities.

Understanding self is the first step to more effective teamwork. Once you understand your own preferences we move towards your colleagues: Which personality profiles are they, what are their typical priorities and behaviors? How can we use diversity for effective cooperation? DiSC provides you with hands-on recipes on how to deal with anyone out there.

  • Understanding yourself
  • Read other personalities quickly and understand differences
  • Develop strategies for working together to increase productivity
  • Enhance your effectiveness by improving relationships with others
  • Master influencing techniques

About the speaker

Ronald Schuster (Founder & CEO, CPM Group)

Ronald worked his career up from a number cruncher to a Global Top Management Executive in leading industrial companies.

After his global career he founded his own company: CPM Group, a specialised strategy consultancy which is working with highly respected market leaders.

Besides hard work, one of his success recipes is to quickly read, understand and influence his counterparts. DiSC is therefore a true working tool for Ronald on the bumpy road of success.

Maik Dworczyk (Head of Academy, CPM Group)

Maik holds a Bachelor in Food Packaging Technology and has 10+ years’ experience in Packaging Business and Innovation Management. He has held seminars, workshops and trainings since day 1.

Maik is the Head of Academy and the creative mind behind the company. With his courage to innovate new ideas and passion for people, he inspires our customers and provides them with valuable opportunities.

Maik is licensed and certified trainer for DiSC®.

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27 settembre 2022

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