Wearable tech: How patients are becoming more involved in their health

How is wearable technology allowing users to be more involved in their own health? Join us as we discuss design in wearable tech.

We will joined by Dr.Shirley Coyle, assistant professor in DCU’s school of electronic engineering. Dr Coyle will share insights into the recent development in wearable sensors and how they can have a positive impact on people’s health, fitness, athletic ability and quality of life. Shirley will also be speaking about research that is currently happening in the world of healthtech and upcoming trends.

We will also be joined by Frances Mitchell, Director of business development in Dolmen Design and Innovation. Dolmen are a leading product design and R&D consultancy, based in DCU Alpha, who have extensive experience in the area of design for wearables. Frances will talk about the work that Dolmen carried out for Coroflo, an award winning and successful startup in the area of wearable tech and womens/childrens health.

During this event, we’ll cover:  

  • The shift wearable tech has created in patient care
  • Upcoming trends and current research in the world of Medtech
  • Coroflo – Their journey of development and design


  • Opening by our host, Nicole Edgerton (Community manager – Talent Garden Dublin)
  • Development in wearable sensors and upcoming trends in Healthtech, Dr.Shirley Coyle
  • Case Study: Coroflo – The importance of design in the development of wearable tech, Frances Mitchell
  • Open Q&A

More about the speakers: 

Dr. Shirley Coyle: Shirley is a lecturer in the Dept. of Electronic and Computer Engineering in DCU. She is also an experienced fashion designer and brings together fashion and engineering to create truly wearable technology and sustainable designs. Interested in using the Internet of Things, especially smart textiles, to improve people’s health and well-being.

Frances Mitchell: Frances is the Director of Business Development for Dolmen Design and Innovation. Frances leads the strategic development of Dolmen as well as all sales, marketing and PR activities. She is an active member of the Irish Medtech Association where she is a member of the commercial working group (previously chair and currently vice-chair), as well as a number of other groups.Previous to Dolmen Frances was Head of Programme Development at the UCD Innovation Academy, CEO of Crash Ensemble and worked as an engineer for P&G in France. She has a BE(mech) from UCD, MPhil from Trinity College and an MBA from DCU.

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