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Digital Business Strategy Course

Learn the methods to work strategically and innovatively in today’s digital business landscape over five intensive days at our Stockholm campus.

Digital Business Strategy Course
Digital Business Strategy Course Digital Business Strategy Course icon

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Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

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About the Business Sustainability course

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

By the time you finish this course in digital business strategy, you should have acquired the following knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resumé:

  • Map out digital opportunities within your current business strategy
    Start creating a sustainable and adaptable digital strategy, to meet customer demand and your business’ vision
  • Identify the main questions that your business needs to focus on to create a digital strategy
  • Gain the confidence to implement and lead a digital strategy in your organisation
  • Know how the networked economy and new technologies will impact businesses, individuals, and society
  • Holistic overview of how a company can evolve and transform its business model and value proposition, through innovation
  • Get access to tools, methods and tactics in testing directions in your new strategy

  • 5 full-day facilitated sessions with Hyper Island staff and industry experts from our significant network of collaborators.
  • Our industry experts will share inspiration and co-facilitate you to give a new perspective, using examples and insights throughout the week.
  • In one week, you will deep dive into the world of digital strategies with the Hyper Island team and your peers on the course.
  • Connect and expand your network with other professionals all over the world.

This course is “case” driven which means that its designed so that the participants can apply the methods and knowledge in a real world setting to produce a digital strategy that is fit for use in their context. If you are struggling with coming up with a case the course facilitator and industry experts will support you in doing so


Membro Faculty
Mari Leone
Facilitator, Coach & Learning Designer | Hyper Island

With a background in product design, Mari is an experienced learning designer and facilitator within Hyper Island’s Business Transformation team, specialising in the areas of innovation, human-centered design, team culture and creative problem solving. Originally from Brazil and now based in Sweden, Mari is a Hyper Island Design Lead alumna and holds certifications in UGL […]

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Create Digital Strategies

In today’s digital world of ever-shifting consumer expectations and rapid disruption, the challenge of staying one step ahead remains for many teams and business leaders. How can you gain the confidence to succeed in this environment? Is it possible to create a sustainable digital strategy that can both meet customer demand and still stay true to your business vision—all while increasing profitability and staying competitive? On our digital strategy course, you’ll learn how to navigate uncertainty, disruption, and change, and become equipped with a digital-first mindset. Learn to harness the transformative potential of digital to add value to your business and plan for how to strategically work with innovation within your organization. Gain confidence and inspiration within the digital landscape, as well as the ability to implement a digital strategy that allows for a strong and innovative culture.

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