Business Data Science Fundamentals Online Program

Enroll a part time online course that aims to close the gap between business and technical departments, especially deep in advanced Big Data and AI projects.

Gain high levels of confidence in evaluating and managing processes involving huge amounts of data. This flexible and interactive program combines practical self-study and live practice sessions with experienced experts: workshops, events, and career opportunities all designed to boost your career.

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Business Data Science Fundamentals Online Program
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trained professionals

trained professionals

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Placement Rate

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Your future in the field

What is a Business Data Scientist, and what does a Business Data Scientist do?

What is a Business Data Scientist, and what does a Business Data Scientist do?

Business Data Science extends beyond traditional analytics by leveraging state-of-the-art Data Science methodologies and tools in a business contest. Its purpose is to let managers be fully integrated into the Data Science processes, from Python and SQL to Machine Learning design patterns, through advanced Data Storytelling methodologies.

The Business Data Scientist understands enough Data Science to work closely with Data Scientists, effectively connecting a highly technical world with real business problems.

This course is the perfect opportunity to understand the behind-the-scenes of the world of Big Data. You will be using Python as an elective language to understand Data Science processes, being able to interact profitably with the team of data scientists, and technically manage complex data projects as a Business Manager. For each concrete business problem, you will be able to identify the process phases linked to the various data science techniques, understanding how to associate them with the various stages of the ‘design thinking’ methodology.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Be able to read and write Python code
  • Collect the data through APIs/ scraping
  • Technically understand the structure of a Data Science project
  • Design an Artificial Intelligence process
  • Generate dashboards and effective storytelling from data streams
  • Bridge the gap between business units and technical offices

A certified professional

You will receive a digital certificate on Accredible at the end of the course, which you can directly add to your LinkedIn profile.

Our alumni currently work for:

Publicis Sapient
Leroy Merlin
Reply Bitmama
Design Group Italia
Coca Cola

Who is it for?

This course is designed for people with an analytical mindset, a rational approach to problem-solving and some passion for Data Science. Business Data Science is an ideal course for you if you ideally have a basic scientific background as you can get for example from a Master's degree in economics, and you are a Project/ Marketing/ Sales Manager who is interested in defining more targeted business data processes and performance management plans. To participate in the course, you ideally have: - Passion for numbers and quantitative analysis - High curiosity for programmatic reasoning (programming languages) - Excellent proficiency in using spreadsheets - Strong interest in managing cutting-edge enterprise data science projects

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  • Please note that the program is in English, so a proficient knowledge of the language is required
  • During the first interview with our team, we will understand if the program is the right choice for you

Our selection process

How do we guarantee a quality classroom made up of young talents of the same level, able to support each other and grow together? Thanks to our three-step selection process. Let our Orientation & Admission specialists guide you: during the cognitive interview we will help you understand if it is the right path for you and we will evaluate how much you are willing to leave your comfort zone and work as a team to achieve a common goal.

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Fill out the Online Questionnaire

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Schedule Your Interview

Schedule Your Interview

After filling out the questionnaire, book your personal (online) interview with Olta, our Orientation & Admission Specialist. It’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have and for us to know more about your background and motivation.



Did you get in? You will receive feedback within a few days after completing all steps of the application process.

talent garden
talent garden

About us

Who better than those who have already experienced it to tell you what it means to attend a Master in Talent Garden? Contact our Ambassadors to find out their success stories, anecdotes and answers to your questions about the Master. Remember that you will also be able to access all the benefits of the Referral Program!

Empower your future today with Business Data Science! That went faster than expected. Looking for a course that fits my needs to learn hands-on online and with people from all over the world, I decided to join the Talent Garden Data Science program. It was simply a must, the holistic approach to data science at the cutting edge in an international environment. The program definitely exceeded my expectations.

Isa Andric

Self Employed @ iSA.DIGITAL


The course gave me insight into the tools, the possibility of amazing networking, but most importantly, an understanding of different areas of data science spanning from technical to ethical aspects, and all of that starting from zero.

Vanessa Rodrigues

Senior Project Manager @ ABB


Content of the course

You will learn by applying your newly acquired data analysis skills in smaller group projects with your classmates, supported by the experts.

1- From Excel to advanced data manipulation with Python for beginners

By the end of this module, you will be able to identify the data sources useful for the project, to download data in various ways, manipulate them both from a spreadsheet as well as from a dataframe, archive data in various formats for subsequent uses and query a database.

This module will guide you through deciding and designing the most suitable data visualizations for your projects. Starting from principles and best practices, you’ll be able to pick appropriate visual representations, and to combine them in coherent and interconnected views (e.g. dashboards). The integration of different graphs, dashboards, and textual elements will eventually enable you to tell stories using the available data and the results of the analysis performed on them.

According to the available data and the project objectives, you will be able to understand which machine learning algorithms to choose, how to fine tune the hyperparameters in the training phase and how to put them in sequence to solve the business problem.

By the end of this module, for each concrete business problem, you will be able to identify the process phases linked to the various data science techniques, understanding how to associate them with the various stages of the ‘design thinking’ methodology.


Coordinatore Scientifico
Alessandro Chessa
CEO | Linkalab

Business managers cannot wait Data Scientists to cope with the AI market, they need themselves to deeply understand Data Science to act strategically.

Scopri di più +
Membro Faculty
Glauco Mantegari
Head of Data & Analytics | Motion Analytica

Glauco Mantegari works at the intersection of data, design, and the humanities. After completing his PhD in the Information Society, he worked on projects with academic and business partners in data science, data visualization, and digital humanities. Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Communication at the University of Milan Bicocca, and Head of […]

Scopri di più +
Membro Faculty
Bruno Gonçalves
Vice President | JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Bruno Gonçalves is a Senior Data Scientist working at the intersection of Data Science and Finance. Since completing his PhD in the Physics of Complex Systems in 2008 he has been pursuing the use of Data Science and Machine Learning to study Human Behavior. Using large scale crowdsourced datasets from social media like Twitter and […]

Scopri di più +
talent garden
talent garden

Live the Talent Garden Experience

A unique method

We believe that the only real way to learn how to do things is to do them, and surround yourself with dynamic and creative people.

Continuous learning
You will be included in our Community on Slack with over 5,000 digital professionals, where you can build professional relationships, find business opportunities, share contacts and have daily updates.

You will be able to participate in dedicated workshops to stay up-to-date, as well as get up to 15% discount on our Masters or Bootcamps and Desks, in case you need a workstation.

Every week you will receive job offers from companies in our network.

Reserved community discounts (Dott, Qatar Airways), free tickets to international events, access to mentorship programs for startups (Google 4 startups, Vento Venture Originator), invitations to contests and hackathons.

Dedicated learning manager who will guide and support you throughout your journey in Talent Garden.

Join an International Community

You will immediately feel immersed in the dynamic world of digital. You’ll meet and get to know top digital professionals, and you’ll also grow through relationships with the:

the faculty are real experts in the field;

are selected to be able to bring Peer 2 Peer growth;

are part of realities of the growing digital world;

are now established digital professionals working in renowned companies.

Financial Options

AMS customers have the option of receiving funding for our courses on an “individual cost basis”. We provide you with a cost estimation for the desired course, and then you can clarify with your AMS advisor whether funding can be provided in your individual case.

You don’t have to pay all at once. The program tuition can be divided into three separate instalments and the sooner you sign up, the less you pay!

Terms of payment

  • Payment plan

    Terms of payment*

    Full Rate: 700€ (registration fee) in advance and 2 instalments of 990€ each (Total: 2680€ inlc. VAT).

    *Please note that the payment should be completed before the start of the program. If you need support, please feel free to get in touch with your Orientation & Admission Specialist.

Questions or doubts?

Don't worry, we have the info you were looking for: here are the most common questions:

Ci sono dei prerequisiti per frequentare questo Bootcamp?

Non occorrono lauree o conoscenze specifiche, né provenire da determinati background.
Avrai tuttavia bisogno di una buona conoscenza dell’inglese, di propensione alla matematica e alla logica e, più di ogni altra cosa, di tanta motivazione e curiosità di imparare in un ambiente di apprendimento innovativo.

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