Il Sud Italia che fa innovazione: storia di PoligoniLab


1. How did the idea of PoligoniLab originate?

PoligoniLab is a creative agency that combines visual design, communication and architectural design. The idea of PoligoniLab originated during an internship at AS Architecture Studio, in Paris. In that occasion we came in contact with several freelancers and agencies that offered the same services we offer today. It all started there, somehow.

2. What does your startup exactly do?

We operate in communications, graphic design, web design and architectural design. We can take care of the online and offline image of a company at 360 degrees, as our services range from the naming to the creation of the logo, from web design to social media management, from the choice of furnishings and finishes to architectural design. Recently, for example, we worked for a small mountain hotel that will open in a few weeks. We created the logo, signs, graphics, website, we chose the furnishings, finishes, materials and supervised the construction site. We believe that it is extremely convenient for businesses to have a single contact person that can take care of all these services.

3. Why did you choose to work at Talent Garden?

We knew Talent Garden since its inception and we were fascinated by its vision, as well as by its brand, the workspaces’ design and the atmosphere in the coworking spaces that gradually opened. We never thought that we would work there, and even less that a campus could open in our city. As soon as we learnt about the opening of Talent Garden Cosenza we signed up for the newsletter, we attended the first event, we met new people and, after a few months, we left our old office and we moved there.

4. Talent Garden is the first shared office in Southern Italy. Which do you think is the impact of such a space on the local community?

The fortune of those working in the digital sector is that they often don’t need to be in tight contact with the customer. Most of our customers are not local, and this is also true for the majority of the companies working in Talent Garden Cosenza. This is probably because here in Cosenza (Calabria in general) public and private customers often do not recognize the importance of investing in digital innovation and quality services that new professionals are able to offer. But the situation is changing. Or at least we hope so. Talent Garden Cosenza is doing a lot for companies and professionals working in digital: it is creating a network, bringing people together and making them work. This means a lot.

5. Together with two other coworkers you are working on the communication strategy of a software house that is also based in Talent Garden. How do these kind of synergies develop?

This is just one of many collaborations born during these years in Talent Garden. Collaborations grow naturally as being in touch every day fosters new discussions and an exchange of experiences and expertise. We can offer all the services we offer because we have at our disposal a number of professionals who can intervene where we need different expertise. Developers, photographers, film makers, copywriters, translators: these are all figures with which we can start new partnerships every day.

6. Which is your advice for those young people who decide to launch a startup?

That of digital is undoubtedly an area where there is currently a lot of work opportunities and there will be presumably also in the future. Ok, it is the field of the moment. But, rhetoric aside, this field is similar to all the others, so we would like to advise the same thing we would recommend for any other sector of the market: do it seriously. Work seriously, meet deadlines, be clear with customers and build a network of equally serious collaborators. If you work seriously the results will come. Both in the digital and in the analog world.


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