Talent Garden and Rainmaking enter into a joint venture to strengthen the European innovation ecosystem

For the Rainmaking community this joint venture is an opportunity to connect to the Talent Garden’s network of 2.500 members in Europe and also to gain access to the Talent Garden’s Innovation School. For Talent Garden the alliance represents their first important step towards expansion in the Nordics.

Talent Garden, the leading European networking and education platform for digital innovation, is partnering with Rainmaking for their first expansion into the Nordics, in line with Talent Garden’s long-term strategy of growth at an international level.

As part of the collaboration, Talent Garden will acquire 51% of Rainmaking Loft,  the leading coworking network in Copenhagen with more than 1.000 members. Through this joint venture with Rainmaking, the collective of entrepreneurs that runs Rainmaking Innovation, will create digital innovation projects with corporates and startups including the Startupbootcamp network, which is an accelerator across five continents.  

This announcement is further evidence of Talent Garden’s accelerated growth following a round closed at the end of 2016 with the support of notable Italian entrepreneurs led by TIP (Tamburi Investment Partners). The project aims to support the growth of innovative enterprises in Europe based on the partnership between two companies led by the same vision of promoting the cross-cultural pollination and the sharing of experiences, promoting talent.

The four joint campuses in Copenhagen led by Rainmaking Loft will feature coworking spaces together with the Talent Garden’s Innovation School, providing new digital skills for tech entrepreneurs and corporates as well as a series of events and networking activities.

Following this joint venture, the Talent Garden network will now connect 3.500 innovators across 7 European countries (Albania, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Spain) in 22 campuses, giving members the opportunity to join more than 1.200 digital and tech events every year. Talent Garden is moving ever closer to their key ambition of fostering increased collaboration in the tech community whilst connecting the best entrepreneurially talented professionals across Europe.

Davide Dattoli, CEO and co-founder, Talent Garden, says about the joint venture:

“The joint venture with Rainmaking is a crucial step in our growth for Talent Garden, its members and students. It will deliver a thriving platform in the Copenhagen ecosystem and the wider Nordic region. Copenhagen has a scene of incredible entrepreneurs with a track record of success stories, such as Skype, Spotify and many other unicorns. We have seen the key role of Rainmaking Loft in supporting the technological and digital development of the market and when we started our dialogue, we discovered that we share the same values. We are excited about what we can develop thanks to the joint venture with Rainmaking, whilst defining synergies with Startupbootcamp and to connect our corporate partner with Rainmaking Innovation” .

Martin Bjergegaard, CEO and co-founder, Rainmaking Loft, hopes that the partnership can create a wave of new startups across borders:

“Across the 4 spaces in Copenhagen that Rainmaking is running today, we are the daily home for more than 1.000 entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. By bringing Talent Garden into our family, we expand our network with the 2.500 members in Talent Garden’s 18 campus, not to mention the thousands of people that have picked up on digital transformation through their Innovation School. This is a powerful crowd with a huge potential, and I am very excited to see new startups forming across this band of collaborators. Think about what a founder from Milan, a lead developer from Bucharest and a Copenhagen business angel might do together.”

28 febbraio 2018

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