Augmented food now on the menu!

How many times did you go to the restaurant and wondered how your dish would look like? Thanks to the use of scanning technologies and augmented reality, Kabaq offers the chance to restaurant owners to present their food in high definition, allowing clients to have a 360° engaging experience.

Kabaq will be presented during Futureland, our next big event on emerging technologies taking place on November 9-10 in Milan. Alper Guler, the company’s founder, will be speaking about augmented reality and its current and future uses.

1. How did you get passionate about Augmented Reality?

In 2014 I was working with a Luxury modern furniture brand to manage sales system and analyse data metrics as a Software Engineer. Modern furniture stores offers a lot of options to choose from; a single sofa is available in 8 different modules, 2 seating types, 300 fabric options, 5 leg options and 7 leg colours. Having all those options to choose from is great but deciding on them is mission impossible for most people. So the furniture company had interior designers as sales people to help clients to decide on combinations.

One day, I saw augmented reality technology and it was love at first sight. I knew this technology would be part of our lives in the future. I knew it would help people like me, who can’t visualize things easy.

2. How does Kabaq work? How many restaurants adopted this technology so far?

Kabaq uses advanced scanning technologies to create ultra-high quality 3D models. These 3D models can be used in AR/VR/MR and as visuals for websites, social media, marketing materials and promotions.

Currently we have 15 clients in New York and launching Dubai operation with DipnDip, a Chocolate Dessert chain with 100 global franchises. Also we launched our Hong Kong operation last week with PCCW Media Group last month.

3. Which is, in your opinion, the most promising use of AR technology?

Apparently food ordering but besides that I believe AR will be a way of learning, engaging, and visualizing in our daily lives. It will also have a huge impact on product design. By scanning any device indeed, people will be able to get related how-to information and any additional data that is limited to the design of the product.

4. Which are your expectations on Futureland?

Looking forward to meet with emerging start-up founders to hear their vision about their AR/VR/ AI markets. Also looking forward to connect with decision makers that are looking into learn more about AR.


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28 settembre 2017

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