Happy Helper: everyday living has never been so easy!

Imagine if you offered your expertise on a regulated, digital platform where you could in turn receive targeted, ad-hoc requests. It may not sound as a brand-new project, but when it comes to cleaning and house-related services, it is certainly something that intercepts a large need in the market. And this is testified by the success of digital initiatives such as Happy Helper, a startup growing in Talent Garden Rainmaking which has recently been admitted to trading on the Copenhagen’s market.

We interviewed Jesper Brok-Jørgensen, Co-Founder & CMO of the company, to ask him more about the opportunities he sees ahead in the household sector.

1. When was the idea of Happy Helper born and what is it about exactly?

The idea behind Happy is as simple as it can be. The founders saw a pain which was not being addressed, and decided to use technology to fix it. We are a digital platform that connects people who are offering cleaning for private homes with people who are looking for help. As you may know, this area has been largely disconnected from any form of regulations regarding safety, taxes, and insurance. With our platform you simply register as a “helper” or as a “booker” and then we match supply to demand. Using our booking system, you can view profiles of Helpers and find your match. Behind it all, we have a payment system that ensures smooth operations.

2. Happy Helper was recently admitted to trading on Nasdaq Copenhagen’s markets. Which are your growth plans now?

Happy Helper’s first priority is to get a bite of the Danish market that can be used as a muscle to pump growth into the rest of Europe. To do this, we are focusing on upgrading the technical side of our platform and adding verticals. We are also working hard to optimize the processes behind the platform, as well as building the analytics aspect of our firm.

3. Digital technologies are reshaping people’s experiences in different fields. Which is, in this sense, the biggest opportunity you see in your specific sector?

We are looking at a huge market right now. If you take a middle to long term perspective, there is an opportunity to connect a variety of household tasks. Who is to say that your Helper cannot also pick up your groceries or walk your dog? We are working on connecting all tasks of this sort so that they can be accomplished in a simple way with a focus on safety. We call it “the heart of the home.”

4. Why did you decide to join Talent Garden Rainmaking? Which are the most beneficial aspects of operating in a coworking space?

The short answer is the network and the chance to learn from other members. When you work focused on your own thing all the time, you need something that forces you to get distracted and learn other things and consider other ways to solve problems – and what better way to do that than by working in a co-working space?

On a more practical level, we love the facilities and the possibility to play PlayStations until 3 in the morning on a big screen 🙂

5. Can you share some advice for the people who decide to launch their entrepreneurial project?

First of all, talk to your family. You are going to work long hours over a long period of time. I’m not saying, that it necessarily always has to be that way, but be ready for it – and be prepared together with your family and friends.

Secondly, don’t be afraid of using your network! This is most valuable lesson I have learned.

13 giugno 2018

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